In Harmondworth at about

In Harmondworth at about 6 oclock about dinner time people went to the kitchen. A guy was allergic to the fish – and so asked for chicken or something. They said no. There was a lady officer and she called other officers. About 10 people came and they put him in the corner and then after a few moments they started to batter him very badly. And took him to a room that we can’t see and could only hear screaming. He came out and he was bleeding from the face and they handcuffed him and put him in the yard. But we don’t know where they’ve taken him now. He was bleeding from the face. There are people protesting again in Yard in response to what happened– there are about 60 people here in D wing. People feel helpless, no one is helping us. Everyone is scared because anyone can get beaten. We are under control.

they will forcefully send me back to Pakistan

17/March they forcefully will send me back to Pakistan from Gatwick, help.

Being in a detention centre, we are not provided adequate time period to submit the genuine evidence which relates on the basis of our claiming grounds. Though we are inside detention it is not possible to arrange the documents which helps to support our case as well as not possible for anybody else. In contrast even you are able to provide the genuine documents that has come through across the country, they conclude as a self-serving documents and refused within 24 hours of submitting.

For instance, if you are ill or you are ander prepared and not enough discussion with your legal aid provided solicitor or any solicitors attended on the day of the interview, you would be denied and refused straight away no matter what how genuine and critical your case is about? Matter of fact all I can say is it’s extremely abusive of human rights and misleading of those powers where they claimsm that they are a country with human rights of mankind, freedom of speech to everyone in democratic country. According to the Home office the Asylum seekers are bogus and has low credibility.

The things that killing and eating me is why I claimed asylum to handover myself to the immigration and put myself into the prison. Detention has loads of rules and regulations which is so brutal and harmful .

I want to advise my billions dollar to all the brothers and sister who’s been living their life in the UK which any visa status. Don’t you ever expect any protestion by kneeling down and asked for the help from Cameroon. They gonna kick your arse anyway. The will treat you like inhuman street animals at the end of the day. Hey will send you back to your own soil forcefully.

I have seen a naked detainee walking through the kitchen because he had completely lost his mind and humour which results from mentally sick and tortured.

Couple of days ago one of the detainee friend of mine was participating in hunger strike ever since it was started which result him the victim of appendicitis. They took him to the hospital, had an operation but most unhuman thing is that though his operation was done but while he was released from operation theatre he was handcuffed all the day and night with all of the pain. He is not a criminal or has done anything that ouhad harmed the community of this country, nor not a prisoner then why he was handcuffed. How could a patient who had had an operation moments ago fun away from the hospital or from the hospital, Imagine what had gone through to that person who has nobody to support him or look after him. Poor boy all can do is cry and pray to the god for his own welfare and instant recoveray from the pain he is having. They brought him back to detention and was moved down to his own room, as he was said there is no more room or spare bed where he could have a observation treatment and  care though he had an operation. Therefore, my point is where is the humanity and where is the rights of human?

In conclusion, they are fooling the people by defending themselves by providing the formality so called ASYLUM which would be briefly studied and refused with stupid reasons within a week and kept us inside for more than a year.

I have been in the detention centre for more than 25 month now

I have been in the detention centre for more than 25 month now and I have a serious mental health issues . Each time I’m going to see the doctor  ask to go to the hospital, but they never, never give me any medication. They say: “No, you have to wait to go to the hospital for a specialist to see you.” When I ask them for some medication they say: “Sorry, we can not give it to you, you have to see the doctor.” I say: ”I come to you, you are the doctor.” But he says: “Sorry, I can not do anything about this.”

But it’s not just about the doctor, also about immigration. I have been in here for more than 25 month now. I have decided to go back home. They say: “we will try to get you the travel documents, the emergency travel documents.” But since 2012 till now they couldn’t get the travel documents.

Inside, I have been applying for bail, going to the court. More than 12 or 13 times I have been to the court. And I have even decided to go back home so they can just do something about it and not keep me any longer.

But even last year in July, my dad got ill in Iraq, in Bagdad. I was so keen to get in touch with my father. I told the home office: “Please, just send me back to Bagdad as soon as possible.” They said: “All right, we are trying to deport you.” But that has never happened. Each time they trying to get information from me about the travel documents they come and say: ”Oh, we got all this information about you and we didn’t know its you.” And I say: “Please just go ahead, just take the photo and give me the papers to
sign. Or just do something about it, don’t keep me any longer. Send me anywhere. I don’t mind. Just don’t keep me any longer! But they say what they say and they do what they do. They don’t care! Most of the staff are horrible disrespectful people. They treat us like the absolute enemy. And when we make any complain it becomes much worse and its like suddenly we lost everything. We’re not allowed to work. What we’re doing, the working inside, we get paid a pound for an hour. A pound in an hour! That’s how it is inside.

I have tried to commit suicide 4 times, and I’ve been kept in Harmondsworh detention centre and now I’m still in here. I don’t know what to do! I don’t know what to do!

I have seen many people commit suicide, they killed themselves. I tried to do so and I wasn’t good enough. I was in the hospital in November last year, 2 day, but do they care? No! They said: “He’s ok, he’s eating and sleeping . he’s fit and well to be detained.” How long do I have to stay? Even the prisoners they know when they are going to be released. When it comes to their release day, they know it. But we don’t know anything about it. We just have to wait and see, how long we are going to stay. Day after day, day after day.

It’s too much! Too much! How many times I have tried to commit suicide! I promise, I cannot stay here any longer. But if its going to stay like this, I cannot hold it any longer. If nothing happens till end of March, I have decided already, I am going to take my own life. I’m not going to stay. I don’t want this kind of live behind the door, like a prison. Even a prison is better than this place. This is like a high security prison. We are in a detention centre. That’s not prison. But here, they don’t care. They don’t care at all!

I want to talk about work

First of all, I am a fulltime student which give me the right ot education in the UK and is a human right. I am a full time student of construction at a college – The college gave me full support yet the home office put me in detention. I have a partner here and I’m not a criminal. I find it pretty disgusting – it’s a kind of ethnic cleansing. I don’t see why I should be in detention. – I was one of the best students in my department.

I want to talk about work. There is no induction for people who start work in detention. They pay £1 per hour for any job. I was specifically told that I had no right to work outside of detention. If any company out there employ ‘illegal migrant’ then the company get prosecuted and fined and the migrant get arrested and jailed. But G4S, GEO, SERCO and MITIE all run these detention centres contracted to the Home office  and all employ illegal migrants. They should be prosecuted and fined. They make lots of profit and pay us under minimum wage and treating us like slaves. I find this very disgusting. Why are we being treated in this inhuman way.

People work as cleaners, in the kitchen, some people who wash pans, some that work in the library as an attendant, those who clean tables, people who clean the showers. Every essential part of the centre apart from security staff are all done by detainees who are paid £1 an hour.

The health and safety situation is poor as well. One of my colleagues went to the showers. Under the health and safety rules and regulations under the slips trips and falls – wherever there is a hazard of falling they should put a sign so that people don’t. But that was not there until a week ago. A pad mate slipped and fell and almost brought a claim.

In normal circumstances the first thing that gets done when you’re employed is induction. There are no induction packs whatsoever. No one knows their rights from left. I’m quite educated but for most people in here the system is shambolic. IT’s a place where they cage them just to remove them. Everyone is classified as a danger to the public yet they’ve committed no crime and they come from a war torn area. I’ve seen lots of papers and its like a template, they just classify people. IT’s an administrative thing – categorising migrants all into on section. Once an immigrant family, they designate them a danger t the public and need to remove.

It’s not the Britain I used to live in. It’s all politically motivated. No body is talking about this. WE are being used to make profit, as cash cows for the home office and for the security companies. G4S £148 million last year – where are they making this profit? They are making it from those in prison, from detainees. If they employed people outside to work here, they would be paid 6, 7 pounds an hour. Any other job they would punish people for paying £1 an hour. I think this is double standards.

If I’m allowed to work in here, and I get released – I will not be allowed.

Why do I say that the Home office is involved in this? Because before you get a job in a detention centre, the Home office have to clear you. So they know! They have to clear you, so they are involved. If they don’t clear you, then you don’t get a job. They know this is how much they pay. They know exactly what is going. The Home Office, the medical care and the companies are all involved in this. They know about it – so why is it different? Why should we be marginalised and almost enslaved?

I come this country Tier 4 student visa

I come this country Tier 4 student visa. When I come this country I have 3 years visa. My everything is fine I study regular I class regular I pass exam Regular. After one and half n year my College suspend. Before my college suspend I paid my tution fees 7 thousand pound. Home did not send any 28 notice or 60 days notice. I did not receive any letter. Why its playing game with me. Before I come this country I study college I study one private farm I study there Softwere developing and hardwhere engineering. Home office don’t give me visa now I am my country engineer. 2009 this country Economic down that’s why start Tier 4 student visa, after all student come, Home office got enough money all College suspend. I have in this detention centre 4 months. Mental doctor see me and give me medication, Everyday I take medeication. I have mental problem. I come this country I need International study now I am jail. Now I go back my country how I show my face my family how I show my face my relatives, friends.
Everyday after 8:30 locked door small room 2 person inside toilet no window no oxygen. I am no criminal, I am not smagler, I am not drug dealer, I am not smoking, not drink alchol. Day by day my situation very worse. Not proper food. Bread is expired 20 days I asking officer this bread is expired officer said it is frozen bread. Maximum bread expired is 5 to 7 days, how its possible. Officer behave is very root. I take everyday medication pharmacy, everyday nurse or officer create problem, This detention centre is mentally torture. Medeication time door is locked. Food very worse. My nose blood coming that’s why I make one appointment doctor. Doctor see me and give medication. Medication name is NASAL SPRAY. This time one nurse coming without door knocked state way she told doctor why you give him this medication. I did not make a any application because without any letter Immigration come my house and arrest me.

I AM TAKING ABOUT MY CASE:- I make Asylum case Home Office take interview 3 hour after one day is refused. Appeal right 2 days. I got my own solicitor every appeal I pay my solicitor 7 hundred pound, Judge did not consider my circumstances. First tribunal and Upper tribunal 4 times all together appeal right is refused. Two times my granter bail Refused. I paid my solicitor all together 4 thousand pound. Where I am going who listen my word.
IMMIGRATION:- Immigration arrest people after arrest Immigration offer you make Asylum you stay here you don’t make Asylum today or tomorrow go back your country, Because This is Fast Track process. Its people playing big GAME.
I STRONGLY BELEIVE THAT:- Hatton Cross Immigration Asylum Court is not Independent. It is Government under control. Government order this types of case make reason and say no no. Just paper work.
I AM TAKING ABOUT LEGAL AID FREE SOLICITOR:- This solicitor just UKBA lolly pop. Its work with Home Office. After i got legal aid free solicitor because i don’t have enough money. Solicitor say okay i do for you Judicial Review you give me some new evidence after i give some new evidence, she said i cant do for you, i can do for you fresh claim. Because Judicial Review accept ther takes long time court hearing coming. About 2 months or 3 months there is one chance people release. that’s Why. She apply for me fresh claim. My fresh claim also Refused last two days ago. Now Home office don’t give me appeal right.
I have political problem my country.
My mum shes not speak very well shes crying. I come this country for study now i am jail. I understand what I have done and feel remorse for my actions. So did not handle the situation well. Since the start of my detention i have not committed any types of offence. Please help me, Please save my life. I need your help, i want freedom. i want freedom.

a young man which is deaf and dumb

They have bring in a young man which is deaf and dumb and it hurts me. As I have to look after him more than others now. When he said to me he fills he cant breeth, because he dont understand why he is in here. I did tell them for him, not to bring him here but looks like they dont care!! He is a very vulnerable man and it is so hard looking after him in here because he needs attention at all times which I am doing my best with the help of other friends. But in the same time I have to be there for others too!! for one who is not eating, for one who is self harming, for one who is very tiered of being in here and trying to hang himself or cut him self!!! I swer on my God, true Jesuse i pray for everyone so God give them freedom and strenth. I have forgoten why I am here and who i am, as the pain i see with my eyes and voice i here of  my ears, makes me forget about my self! But I am human 2!

There are about 70 people are still protesting in Dungavel.

There are about 70 people are still protesting in Dungavel. They are refusing to go to the kitchen to eat. There was a protest from people outside. There was the police and STV. We can’t really see them because of the walls but it is good to hear them. It shows the message is getting across, what we are trying to achieve.

I have been detained since January

I have been detained since January. I am ready to buy my own ticket. And still three months later I am still here. I’m trying to speak to the Home office and my case worker but nothings happened. Others have arrived after and they don’t want to go back and they have already got tickets. They say they will do it as soon as possible and we haven’t got anywhere.

On Friday prayers, the Mosque was full, there was not enough room. 3 or 4 guys started praying in the corridor. And two officers came and they jumped over the guys. And the guys asked why are you doing it. And they were shouted at and told that they would be locked in the cell. They say they are giving human rights and they have the right to prayer but they are not.

I want to tell you about Detainee’s situation

I want to tell you about Detainee’s situation in Harmondsworth. IT has been 6 days long  on hunger strike but no one is here to listen to our problems, what we have been suffering through. They are treating us like we are slaves of them. We have contacted other welfare organisations like charities and sometimes they do respond and listen but we don’t get result. So lots of guys are here, more than 5, 6, 8 months. We don’t know where our human rights have gone. Officers keep saying we are spending money on you, but they don’t know how much we have spent to come here and how many troubles we have faced. So lots of detainees are thinking we are slaves and animals because we don’t belong to the blood of Home Offices, immigrations and Prime ministers. So that’s why they’re doing it all to us. We are begging to the human rights organisations, the queen and the whole world: please get rid of this prison.

Lots of detainees have mental health problems, they are doing self harms: we are not criminals. They are putting everyone on fast track system which means we will get refused within a few days. They are not going to give us enough time for full proofs. They are refusing mostly all of the asylum applications. If someone gives them documents in their mother language they ask for the translations and if someone gives them in a translation, they ask for the mother language. If they provide both of them, they say all the documents are fake.We can’t understand what they are doing.

If someone wants to go back home quickly, they take too long to send them back. But if someone doesn’t want to go back, they arrange them tickets too quick.We are getting mental and sick here. We don’t know where have gone the human rights champions. If someone has got his full case refused, we don’t know how long we have to stay here: I know one of our detainees is in hospital at the moment because his mental health. I know one has got his nose broken and they are sending him back on 17th March without any treatment. If someone goes to appeal in front of the judge – I have seen one judge refuse a medical report.

We are all thankful to you highlighting our voices. We are upset because all british media is sleeping. We are not getting any news on BBC news or ITV news channel. So please help us.