He’s not trying to run away, he’s trying to make a point.

A Lithuanian guy is in Dover Removal Centre – they can’t deport him. He’s been in pain because they’ve stopped his medication. They didn’t give it to him. He’s been asking for more treatment. The health care has been terrible recently.

This morning, he’s gone through a gate from one of the units when the officer opened it and climbed on the roof of one of the buildings. He’s on a building about 25 metres high on the other side of the building. It’s like a castle. And he’s saying that “if you come near me I’ll cut my throat or I’ll jump off the roof”. He’s not trying to run away, he’s trying to make a point. His friend says that he’s making the point that you can’t just keep people in here without proper medication.

I don’t know what they are doing about it because we are all locked in our rooms. I don’t know if they’ve called the police or not. Would they call the police? I think there are trying to do it themselves.

He is a very nice guy, he’s a very serious guy. I don’t speak his language but I was shocked when I saw him. I’m very worried for him. I don’t want him to kill himself. He’s a calm guy. But I’ve heard from his friends that he’s very angry.

I can’t see him but I called my friend – he’s been there for two hours. It’s not a joke, he’s not joking.

The management have sent a note under the door: “We are currently managing an incident and ask for your cooperation. Lunch will be served in rooms on the wings. We are working to resolve the incident shortly and as quickly as possible to enable us to return to our normal regime. Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated. Detention Centre Manager”.

I’ve told Russia Today but they say they need pictures but we can’t get the pictures. We are locked inside and we don’t have a phone to get pictures. A helicopter would see it if one came down. People should know about what happens here.

a young man which is deaf and dumb

They have bring in a young man which is deaf and dumb and it hurts me. As I have to look after him more than others now. When he said to me he fills he cant breeth, because he dont understand why he is in here. I did tell them for him, not to bring him here but looks like they dont care!! He is a very vulnerable man and it is so hard looking after him in here because he needs attention at all times which I am doing my best with the help of other friends. But in the same time I have to be there for others too!! for one who is not eating, for one who is self harming, for one who is very tiered of being in here and trying to hang himself or cut him self!!! I swer on my God, true Jesuse i pray for everyone so God give them freedom and strenth. I have forgoten why I am here and who i am, as the pain i see with my eyes and voice i here of  my ears, makes me forget about my self! But I am human 2!

We are not eating in Dover Detention

We are not eating in Dover Detention – we having a strike. There are half of the people are already on strike. We are organising and talking with all the people. We are human beings.

Please, we are going on strike in Dover,

Please, we are going on strike in Dover, because Immigration don’t care about people. There are so many ill people and they’re here for such a long time. It’s terrible. Tomorrow is going to be a food strike. I speak all the languages for all the people – I help them.  I help everyone coz I speak over 10 languages. And they come and say you’re not allowed to help people and they threaten me with prison. They say if you help people against immigration they can can put me in prison for two years. I’m better than any solicitor, I am the barrister and I’ve become the octopus. I’ve been hear for four months not – I’ve written people bail submissions and they’re out now. There are people here and they are so slim and every time I see them I think they’re going to die! It’s not humanity.