In Harmondworth at about

In Harmondworth at about 6 oclock about dinner time people went to the kitchen. A guy was allergic to the fish – and so asked for chicken or something. They said no. There was a lady officer and she called other officers. About 10 people came and they put him in the corner and then after a few moments they started to batter him very badly. And took him to a room that we can’t see and could only hear screaming. He came out and he was bleeding from the face and they handcuffed him and put him in the yard. But we don’t know where they’ve taken him now. He was bleeding from the face. There are people protesting again in Yard in response to what happened– there are about 60 people here in D wing. People feel helpless, no one is helping us. Everyone is scared because anyone can get beaten. We are under control.

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