When I was detained, I told them I was pregnant.

I’m pregnant and I’ve been in detention for almost 2 months. I’m not supposed to be detained for this long but I’ve been here for a long time now.

My appeal was allowed, it was successful at first and the Home Office appealed. Then I got refused. I appealed and when I went to report I was detained. I was considered appeal rights exhausted even though my appeal was still on. When I was detained, I told them I was pregnant. They said I could still fly up to 9 months which is not the law – I haven’t seen it any where.

I got given a ticket about 2 weeks ago for this Saturday. I didn’t go on Saturday – I was told by the solicitor it was cancelled I the afternoon. But they still came for me in the morning saying I had to go to reception. I told them I wasn’t going. We didn’t know whether they would try to use force. I was so stressed at that point so I didn’t know what to do. They didn’t come for me in the end.

I don’t know what is going to happen now – I put in for an asylum claim and they’ve said the Home Office will be in touch. I’m still waiting in Yarl’s Wood.

Since I’ve been in this place – yes I’ve had medical checks – but I’ve not been properly looked after. I got pregnancy vitimins only after a month. I’m suffering from depression and since I’ve been here they’ve stopped my medication without telling me why. When I booked in I told them I was on this medication but they didn’t give it to me and didn’t check if I needed it. They stopped it without informing me about it.

The food is not appropriate for my condition – it’s really poor in nutrients. I have both sickness and cravings but I can’t get what I want. It’s rice and potatoes and bread everyday. I just try to do what I can but it’s really poor. Even the medical staff will agree with me. They say they hope I’ll be out soon so they know themselves its wrong but they’re not doing anything about it.

This is my first child – on the outside, I was going to get ante-natal classes to prepare myself for my first child. I asked them for books and readings. It’s been over a month now and they haven’t got back to me. It just seems like it doesn’t matter. It feels like I’m already failing as a mum even though the baby hasn’t come yet. What if the baby gets here and I’m not ready. Not just physically but mentally prepared. It’s really frustrating.

They shouldn’t detain pregnant women. They shouldn’t detain anyone at all. I won’t just talk for myself because I’m pregnant. It’s unfair for anyone. This is mental torture, it’s physical as well. It’s like you’re stuck in someplace and people are asking for things you can’t do – evidence, for example. If you’re on your own in here you can’t get it. You come in when you’re healthy but it’s not good for you. I will get out of here and I’ll be more mentally ill than I was before. I’ve not had a good day since I’ve been in here. Even when you’re trying to cope, to settle yourself. There’s always something they will do to remind you that you’re not free. That you’re controlled by somebody.

They’ve already started snatching women.

There is a charter flight tonight to Nigeria, Ghana, and Jamaica. They’ve already started snatching women. You’ll be walking around and they’ll snatch you and put you in a room so that you can’t talk to anyone. We were in the chapel and we were locked in there. They asked this one young girl to come out and this girl’s mum she has a British passport.

These are public funds being wasted on human beings being forced on this flight. They won’t even let you pack your bag.

This is meant to be a detention centre for women. We don’t have proper boxes to put sanitary towels. There are 5 washing machines and 4 dyers for 60 women. The water fountain is in the washing in washing room. The standard of hygiene is ridiculous.

The main thing is the charter flight. People cannot be snatched like you’re going hunting. They’ve got targets to meet, this is a contracts with the home office. So they’ll do anything to meet them.

Last month they dragged someone naked out of their room. 4 officers did it. Two men and two women.

On Saturday another lady got beat up in the so called safe unit.  She was an ex-drug user. She got put into a room with someone who had drugs. She got taken to the ‘so-called’ safe unit. In that unit, other detainees beat her up in the safe unit. The staff weren’t aware of it.

They are locking up normal human beings who could be working like normal people. When you get here they ask whether you want to apply for a job in here. Why should we be able to work in here when you can’t work outside. We are women, want to have normal lives like other women.

I’m not on the flight. I came to the UK to train as a nurse. I’m a trained nurse. Look at the NHS, they need us. I had some immigration trouble since 2006 and have been trying to correct it since then. I was detained in 2009. Now I’m back. It’s just not justified. All it is, is ticking boxes.

Dear everyone who believes that freedom should be given

Dear everyone who believes that freedom should be given

I am writing these few words to tell you about what is truly happening to the surge of asylum seekers and migrants in this country. Through my humble experiences, within about 19 months, in and out of detention, regularly reporting. The detention centre is a
prison it just has another name.

The big crime is: I havea fingerprint in another of Europe’s countries.

My story in short:

After 100 days in Sweden they refused asylum, waste time left in a far or outskirt zoo out of Stockholm. They deport me to Germany. German never had any interview with my case or
process the application even after 11 month staying in a big crowd camp.

God allow me to travel and to leave german without any more excuses.

I direct to Calais france I seen there crowds LARGE AMOUNT suffering people who stand just for eat, dreaming (if they can found where to sleep) in a lovely or nice next day may in England, may  in new life or to don’t know where! but faraway of that place. I could not believe it was true but I insist to continues my journey because my chance was so limited .
after 49 days in (Ville de Calais), I had got a chance for access the UK OR THE DREAM LAND from the peoples view who sleep their cover the sky and their mattress the Calais’s sand.

finally in UK I got refused asylum and removal direction to German.

because the Dublin regulation ,

and my finger was in German despite the rule that says my first country is Sweden but because Sweden or the first country HAD ALREADY DENIED application, they FOUND German to deport me to instead.

am now in the detention

centre waiting my travel day to German after I got removal direction and ready ticket, I have met so many people  some of them may worry for what will come next, and they don’t like to move ,  its like the nightmare for some,other of them

still in their dreaming in a happy next day, which they had been  dreamed with it many before,

am writing to speak
about this because many people here have a dull feeling.

am writing because am
human or at least before I was.

am writing because didn’t committed any crime
for I be in detention and never intention to do so.

am write because

am a migrant

am a Sudanese

am a Syrian

am a Afghani

am a Somalian

am algirian

am from this world. and
now I don’t want.

am Nabil who forced to
go Italy before 2 days

am khader who worry
about future in here

am Othman who believe
in is freedom every night

am ahmad who  suffrered before he come and still now

am migrant all migrant
who lost their life in the sea to come here or the europes

Thanks for you reading.

date: 13 /3 /16

camps field detention

[http://unitycentreglasgow.org/palestinian-asylum-seeker-due-to-be-forcibly-removed-on-easyjet-flight/ – thank you to everyone who responded to the urgent anction, he did not get removed.]


The detainees, we saved his life.

See last week he smashed one of the classrooms, the person who tried to kill himself today. In the ESOL class he smashed the class up last week. 

You know the funny thing is there should always be officers here – there should always be an officer at the desk on the first floor, and on the ground floor where we have breakfast. There should be someone there too. If they were in their posts they would have seen the man, they would have seen him hanging there. 

They don’t even say thank you. The detainees, we saved his life. The officers, they show no remorse. 

The manager of activities just saw the camera footage and she was surprised he didn’t break his neck. Thats when she said thank you – you’ve done a good job. She said he was the same person that smashed up the classroom last week.

None of them care what happened. They haven’t asked us any questions about it. No questions asked.

I hope people find out what is going on in here you know. The tax payers need to know what is happening in these detention centres. It is so bad.

This man he jumped from the second floor trying to hang himself

Today was crazy. Really crazy you know. This man he jumped from the second floor trying to hang himself. It was inside the building in the landing. There were no officers on the scene. 

This is what happened. I went inside my room to brush my teeth and when I came out he had put the sheet around the metal bed frame and around his neck, and jumped. We pressed the alarm bell three times but nothing happened. They didn’t come for like 20 minutes half an hour. Only one officer ran the others walked like it was normal and they were smiling. They were smiling and they joked about it after. 

The bell didn’t go off. The bell should be there for anyone to press if they need it but it didn’t go off. This guy would be dead if it wasn’t for the detainees. The staff weren’t even there. When the police came they said they didn’t need to talk to us, to ask us questions but we were the only ones around there – the officers weren’t there. 

You see the guy who did that he was walking around this morning and he was acting strange. If the staff saw him they would know something was wrong but they were in their office having cups of tea. They should be walking around every morning seeing how everyone is but they are always in the office having tea. 

We have cameras in here. He had bedding wrapped round his arm from 8 o’clock in the morning. If I saw someone walking with bedding first thing in the morning I would know something was wrong. The cameras are suppose to keep us safe so the officers can respond quickly. He walked passed many cameras. But they didn’t clock anything. I see him every day I knew something was wrong but I’ve never seen anything like this before. I didn’t know he would do that. I ran out straight away and pulled the bed sheet up but then i realised i was making it worse – I was helping him die so I let it go. I didn’t know what to do. Someone else came straight away and knew what to do, he must have seen this before. He lay on the ground and held his hand to hold him up. We tried to undo the knot but it was hard to do so other people were lifting up his feet from the bottom and from the top people were trying to undo the knot. He would be dead if it wasn’t for the other detainees.

He feels like he fails something but no one should feel like that. We should be looked after by the staff and the home office but you don’t get that in here. He didn’t say anything was wrong. I never saw him speak to anyone in this place. We have to keep ourselves occupied to cope with this place, but you have to do your own thing. 

This place is really horrible. They don’t treat you like a human being, they treat you like an animal, like a foreigner. I’ve been in two other detention centres but this is the worst. The hygiene, the food everything. It is just the way the place is. You can not trust the staff. You just can’t. To them its like ‘immigrants, immigrants’. In other removal centres you have a much better relationship with the staff. If you have a problem you can speak with them but here you can’t. You can only talk to your friends but your friends have their own problems you know. The staff they do they get trained to deal with stuff in here, but they don’t do anything. You never see the staff, the sit at their desks all day having cups of teas. You ask for something and it takes a week to get done. You can’t trust people like that. 

They don’t care. If one person dies its a number, they just put a number down. When people get deported they are happy and say ‘one person down, one less person to stress about’. 

The police just stood in the place where the guy tried to commit suicide for 20 minutes. They should check the cameras, they should take the statements. They didn’t take any of our statements. They should take statements from the people that saw what happened to see what happened. But they said they didn’t need to. Then they left.

The fire alarm bell doesn’t work. The question everyone should be asking is why that wasn’t working. Everywhere you go the fire alarm should be working. If there was a fire what would you do. If the officers didn’t hear all the screaming they wouldn’t have come. Only once I have heard it working. Lets say a fire happened, or a riot. They are over the other side having cups of tea and laughing. In prison the officers walk around and check. This place is the worst place I have ever been. They feed you when you are supposed to be fed and that is it. You do your own life. You have to cope. 

They’ve taken him off to hospital. I don’t know where. We won’t hear anything about the man. Depends who is in the same unit but the staff won’t tell us. We need to get answers, we all saw it. ‘We can’t tell you, its confidential’ they say. But we need to know he is OK so we feel OK. The only way we find out is through the other detainees. ‘He is fine, he is doing good, don’t worry…’ thats all we want to know.