Chronological Statement Of Mr TK Death At IRC The Verne

(EDITOR: Detained Voices has received a long report entitled “UK HOME OFFICE HUMANITY CRIMES AGAINST AFRICANS & ASIANS” written by people held inside The Verne IRC. It will be published in sections, currently with some specific details redacted. Where text is removed, it is replaced by [ ]. Names of people detained have been anonymised.)



i. IRC the Verne – Death of Mr TK, a Ugandan national, 30 years of age. On 05/08/2015 at 16:30, he was refused his medication by the healthcare staff who told him he was late. He was upset as the medication helps him deal with indefinite detention. The following day 06/08/2015 at 08:00, staff found him dead with [ ]. Mr K was suffering from severe depression, panic attacks, mental health issues and was dependant on medication. He went to the medical hatch twice a day to collect his meds, at 8:30 and 16:00 without fail.

ii. Mr K’s depression got worse after staff at The Verne started controlling how much of his own money he was allowed to spend. He hated that treatment and would complain to anyone who knew him. The staff only allowed him to spend £25 a week of his own money and that was too much controlling of an individual. The claimed that he was a target to drug dealers.

iii. Doctors have written to the Home Office about his health and recommended release as he was a vulnerable detainee. The Home Office Caseworker wrote to Mr K stating that he was ‘pretending’, ‘faking it’. He must be faking it and/or pretending his death! Home Office Caseworkers are not human beings, they treat detainees like the worst scum on earth (excuse my French).

iv. Mr K was an asylum seeker from Uganda. His mother lives in London. His asylum claim was refused and was told that he can only appeal from outside the UK. How can someone who is fleeing persecution appeal asylum refusal from the country they are fleeing persecution from. We cannot appeal when we are dead, or can we do that in the UK? Die first then appeal Home Office asylum refusal as requested for every asylum seeker who have been refused asylum? To make matters worse for Mr K, the Home Office threatened him with deportation.

v. On the [ ]/08/2015, we wrote a memo to the Home Office and faxed it to: The Home Office (Case Management), Fax: [ ] reads as follows:

Re: The Death of Mr TK on 06/08/2015 at IRC The Verne, Portland, Dorset, DT5 1EQ.

We write this statement as a collective. We are the occupants of [ ]. We are very saddened of what happened to one of our fellow detainee and friend. This is a very traumatic experience for any detainee, we need urgent help, be it medical attention and counselling. So far the Verne IRC has not done anything to help or talk to any of us. We are traumatised, disturbed and shocked of what happened. He was a nice person and always smiling with us. His death has affected us in a way that we cannot explain or write here. We really want to talk to someone to help get us over it please? Would you kindly please refer us to counselling and consider our release on compassionate grounds? (Signed document not included for anonymity reasons)

vi. It is sad that no official came to see anyone of us who shared the same landing with Mr K. No official came to visit and check how badly affected, shocked and traumatised the occupants on Mr K’s landing (Room [ ]) coped with his death. Nobody cares if a refugee, asylum seeker or illegal immigration dies in UK detentions.

vii. It was only after the Home Office have received our faxed memo that we received letters from The Verne Acting Manager Mr David Bourne on the 12th August 2015 as a response to the memo we singed and sent to the Home Office (see above vi). Mr Bourne mentioned that he was responding to the memo dated 6th August and addressed to the Home Office Case Management, following Detainee Information Notice Number 033/2015. The home Office did not respond to our signed Memo. They really don’t care about us. (We will be pleased to fax you the letter from Mr David Bourne, if requested).

viii. Mr PF, a Jamaican national spoke to senior Verne Officers on the day Mr K was found dead. Mr PF wanted to see the detective so he can tell them what happened at the Verne Healthcare the day before Mr K’s death. The senior officers told Mr PF they will contact the detective. Mr PF explained to the officers that he was present at Healthcare on the 5th August 2015 (around 16:30) when nurses refuse to give Mr K his medication telling him that he was late. Mr K responded that he was asleep and apologise for being late but the nurses were not having none of it. Mr K was denied his important medication and the following day he was found dead.

ix. A witness like Mr PF should have been given a chance to talk to the detective in order to help them with their enquiries. Surprisingly, two days later Mr PF was transferred to Brookhouse. Mr PF had serious medical attention and was suffering from hernia. The doctor at the Verne stated that he was unfit to travel and that he needed an urgent medical attention; ‘in simple terms Mr PF needed very important surgery and was not fit to travel long distance, let alone fly UK to Jamaica’. We have not heard from Mr PF after he was transferred to Brookhouse. We think he has been deported to Jamaica in an effort to cover-up The Verne murder of Mr K. Mr PF is a very important witness to the enquiry of Mr K and should be brought back for police questioning.

On Friday morning someone died in the Verne

On Friday morning 3am someone died in the Verne. For some reason he killed himself. We are on the next landing to those guys. When the two officers did a room check in the morning found him. He was bleeding from his head. No one’s saying why he died or how he died. They are saying something about drugs. He was on medication, and was asking them for help. He went to the NHS and they said he was late by 5 minutes. And for some reason he didn’t get his tablet. The NHS is really bad in here. I’ve had complaints about my medication and I’ve made complaints and I’ve never heard anything from them. He was upset that night. And he was in his room and he decided to do that.

The next day someone else cut himself very seriously. The NHS came after a long time. He was bleeding for a long time. The officers knew he was going to do that because he told them. They check him every hour but he did it after they checked and was there for a long time.

When the guy died an officer came in laughing, and joking as if nothing happened. They just think a joke happened. They were laughing loud. I told them how serious it was. I asked why they were laughing so loud in the corridor. I got no answer. Only two officers was shocked by what happened, they’re the only one’s that understand things here. The main officers don’t care what happened. When the body and the ambulance was gone, that’s it. It’s like nothing’s happened here.

Another friend has been here 13 months. That’s a long time. He is really upset. I’ve been here 7 months. I’ve done no crime or nothing. I told them I’m going to kill myself as well. I haven’t been eating for 4 days, since the guy died. They know I’m not eating and they’re not doing anything. They don’t care at all. We can’t take this any more.

I’ve complied with everything. I given it all to them. I gave them everything I remember about my address in India and they say I’m going to get a two year prison sentence for not saying. Well I was 14 when I left India. I’ve been here half my life, so I am not going to remember everything. I told them everything I know.  If you can’t send me back at least let me go, let me think about my future. I’m thinking I’m going to be here 13 months and there’s no way I can be here that long.

The government should open their eyes

I’ve been in the UK since 2011. It wasn’t specified why they got interested in my immigration case in 2014. In February at night 7 officers came to my house and hand cuffed me in front of my kids. I work for a big UK company. In the eyes of my neighbours they must think I’m a big criminal. I was never running away I was just living here. They said I need to be taken away – they gave no paper work to my partner. From then I’ve been held here, my solicitor said illegally. The judge in Newport gave me bail 12 days ago and the Home Office refused to release me. They say that I can abscond and will commit a crime – I don’t have a criminal record in the UK. I was working legally and paying taxes and everything. I put a judicial review to stop the deportation order but they were still trying to take me to the airport. The high court said to cancel the deportation order and immediately release. I’m going to High court again soon to see why they haven’t released me.

It’s terrible in here. I’m paying my taxes and my taxes are paying for this place. The food is disgusting, my dog wouldn’t eat that. The officers won’t listen to you. If you don’t sign something they want you to sign they will say you are not cooperating but of course I’m not going to sign a deportation order when I have a legal case going on. The people who work here are still prison officers. It feels like a prison – it’s literally like a prison. You are not allowed many things.

The government should open their eyes to what they do to families in this country. If family life is involved, where kids are involved they should take a concern that they are destroying our family life. But they are saying we can keep our relationship via skype. How you want to keep it going across 1,500 miles away. We can’t even live together. I have nothing in Poland anymore, everything is here, my partner, my kids, my house.

The home office try to destroy you mentally. They are just waiting for you to do something wrong so they can punish you. You literally have this feeling that they are pushing you to destroy your mental health. I think the government should open their eyes to see what the home office is doing.

I started studying in UK in 2010

I started studying in UK in 2010 – I passed my diploma. I got a position in a new college and sent an application and I got another visa for 2 years. 1 year into it I applied to a different college because the college’s status was revoked. My file was in process at the Home Office for 1 year and 7 months. They kept my passport the whole time, its still with them. Then they got in contact. The new college asked for my English certificate but it had expired (lasts two years). When I went for the test they needed my passport, they didn’t accept photocopies. I called HO and they didn’t respond. They couldn’t tell me how to handle anything. I tried multiple times over the 60 days. I couldn’t sit another test and paid for it but on the day they needed my passport. And I told the home office – I gave all this explanation and then sent it on the Friday. On the Monday, I got a refusal. After two days I got removal directions and the second time I went to reporting they gave a final refusal and they detained me then. It was in January and I am still here. They have refused my Judicial Review. Even then I wrote saying I have an outstanding case and they are not considering anything. I got a ticket yesterday but I had JR which they’ve now refused. I’ve been in detention for 2 months.

The centre is the worst – there are fights everyday. They have put us with the ex-prisoners. Everybody is in a bad situation and they are out of their mind. I don’t know where to go for justice.

Who can protest here? There was a person who was refusing to leave. They took him from a room and they beat him up. Nobody knows what happened to him. I could see through my door 8 to ten officers were taking him forcefully.

Nobody can hear us. I’ve heard people are dying here, not first-hand but I know guys have killed themselves. Its not on the news.

I’ve spent thousands of pounds to get study and I haven’t been able complete my studies and they have put me in jail. It is a prison to me, they treat us badly.