they will forcefully send me back to Pakistan

17/March they forcefully will send me back to Pakistan from Gatwick, help.

Being in a detention centre, we are not provided adequate time period to submit the genuine evidence which relates on the basis of our claiming grounds. Though we are inside detention it is not possible to arrange the documents which helps to support our case as well as not possible for anybody else. In contrast even you are able to provide the genuine documents that has come through across the country, they conclude as a self-serving documents and refused within 24 hours of submitting.

For instance, if you are ill or you are ander prepared and not enough discussion with your legal aid provided solicitor or any solicitors attended on the day of the interview, you would be denied and refused straight away no matter what how genuine and critical your case is about? Matter of fact all I can say is it’s extremely abusive of human rights and misleading of those powers where they claimsm that they are a country with human rights of mankind, freedom of speech to everyone in democratic country. According to the Home office the Asylum seekers are bogus and has low credibility.

The things that killing and eating me is why I claimed asylum to handover myself to the immigration and put myself into the prison. Detention has loads of rules and regulations which is so brutal and harmful .

I want to advise my billions dollar to all the brothers and sister who’s been living their life in the UK which any visa status. Don’t you ever expect any protestion by kneeling down and asked for the help from Cameroon. They gonna kick your arse anyway. The will treat you like inhuman street animals at the end of the day. Hey will send you back to your own soil forcefully.

I have seen a naked detainee walking through the kitchen because he had completely lost his mind and humour which results from mentally sick and tortured.

Couple of days ago one of the detainee friend of mine was participating in hunger strike ever since it was started which result him the victim of appendicitis. They took him to the hospital, had an operation but most unhuman thing is that though his operation was done but while he was released from operation theatre he was handcuffed all the day and night with all of the pain. He is not a criminal or has done anything that ouhad harmed the community of this country, nor not a prisoner then why he was handcuffed. How could a patient who had had an operation moments ago fun away from the hospital or from the hospital, Imagine what had gone through to that person who has nobody to support him or look after him. Poor boy all can do is cry and pray to the god for his own welfare and instant recoveray from the pain he is having. They brought him back to detention and was moved down to his own room, as he was said there is no more room or spare bed where he could have a observation treatment and  care though he had an operation. Therefore, my point is where is the humanity and where is the rights of human?

In conclusion, they are fooling the people by defending themselves by providing the formality so called ASYLUM which would be briefly studied and refused with stupid reasons within a week and kept us inside for more than a year.

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