I want to tell you about Detainee’s situation

I want to tell you about Detainee’s situation in Harmondsworth. IT has been 6 days long  on hunger strike but no one is here to listen to our problems, what we have been suffering through. They are treating us like we are slaves of them. We have contacted other welfare organisations like charities and sometimes they do respond and listen but we don’t get result. So lots of guys are here, more than 5, 6, 8 months. We don’t know where our human rights have gone. Officers keep saying we are spending money on you, but they don’t know how much we have spent to come here and how many troubles we have faced. So lots of detainees are thinking we are slaves and animals because we don’t belong to the blood of Home Offices, immigrations and Prime ministers. So that’s why they’re doing it all to us. We are begging to the human rights organisations, the queen and the whole world: please get rid of this prison.

Lots of detainees have mental health problems, they are doing self harms: we are not criminals. They are putting everyone on fast track system which means we will get refused within a few days. They are not going to give us enough time for full proofs. They are refusing mostly all of the asylum applications. If someone gives them documents in their mother language they ask for the translations and if someone gives them in a translation, they ask for the mother language. If they provide both of them, they say all the documents are fake.We can’t understand what they are doing.

If someone wants to go back home quickly, they take too long to send them back. But if someone doesn’t want to go back, they arrange them tickets too quick.We are getting mental and sick here. We don’t know where have gone the human rights champions. If someone has got his full case refused, we don’t know how long we have to stay here: I know one of our detainees is in hospital at the moment because his mental health. I know one has got his nose broken and they are sending him back on 17th March without any treatment. If someone goes to appeal in front of the judge – I have seen one judge refuse a medical report.

We are all thankful to you highlighting our voices. We are upset because all british media is sleeping. We are not getting any news on BBC news or ITV news channel. So please help us.

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