Today there was a fire in Yarl’s Wood

Basically today there was a fire in Yarl’s Wood when I was working in the kitchen as a serving assistant there and there was an explosion in the kitchen and they said to evacuate. And when we went outside there was smoke everywhere. And it was now we have to eat our lunches, we are getting baguettes only, at half past two. Apparently, it was a chips set on fire.

I’m not sure if it was an accident because I wasn’t where the chefs were cooking. We all had to evacuate because where the chefs cook there is one door away from where we serve. One door. So we had to evacuate the place, everyone had to leave the building. It was a proper fire. At the moment they are telling us to stay in our rooms.

There were no fire brigade There was only staff there. Two or three staff. And they had a fire extinguisher. No one got hurt, not at the moment no.

What I think they should of done is to take us to the nearest fire assembly point because that’s the nearest exist. But instead they told us to walk all the way down to our gardens. The fire assembly is upstairs unless you are downstairs the you should leave and go to the nearest garden. That’s meant to be the procedure. Instead they told us to go to our rooms and keep behind our doors that says fire exit keep shut.

I want a lot of people to know that the procedures were exiting to our nearest assembly rather than walking us down where there was more danger. And the fire brigade should be called in to get rid of the smoke and the fire. Obviously this didn’t happen and thank God no one got hurt.

The charter flight is for today

Basically, the charter flight is for today and they’re trying to get us on the flight. But here lies the problem. We all know very well, according to the rules anyway, if they want to take us they have to get travel documents for all of us. But then they have already issued travel certificates for everybody without anybody actually signing for it. How does that work? Obviously there have been allegations this week against the home office and against the Nigerian embassy about, you know bribary, to make sure she issues travel documents for people without their knowledge, you understand what I mean. According to the information we are getting, each person gets £3000. Basically, all of us have been sold to the British Government to do whatever they wants to do to us.

We’ve been very calm. We’ve asked them can you get the home office to explain how they’ve got travel documents for us when we didn’t sign for it. Obviously that’s fraud because I haven’t signed for anything. How are we supposed to follow the rules and regulation when those rules and regulations of the Home Office clearly doesn’t apply to them. They actually break the law on a regular basis. They bribe people on a regular basis.

Half of the people on the flight today have family here. They shouldn’t be going to Nigeria in the first place. I left Nigeria 17 years ago, right, I was 9 years old when I left Nigeria. I had only really lived in Nigeria for 6 years. And you are telling me it’s okay you can go back there. To where?

We are just sat in the room basically. We are waiting for the officers to forcefully remove us. We are just in the room waiting. Because at the end of the day, they haven’t answered our questions.


URGENT – TODAY – 24 November 2015. Stop Charter Flight to Nigeria tonight. Demonstrate 1:00pm, Nigerian High Commission, 9 Northumberland Avenue, London WC2N 5BX (near Trafalgar Square & Charing Cross Station). Stop Home Office plan to deport 2,900 Nigerians. End Nigerian Government’s collusion with mass deportations.

Nigeria, where is your backbone? Where is your pride?

Nigeria, where is your backbone? Where is your pride? Where is your freedom?

End October 2015, the Vice president visited the UK with some encouraging words that Nigeria is moving forward. That is further from the truth.

The truth is, as Mr Osinbanjo was making these statements, the British government was busy preparing another chartered flight to deport people back to Nigeria. This has become a frequent arrangement; in fact there is a chartered flight every 2 months, falling on the last Tuesday of the month. The last flight was on 29th September 2015, the next is scheduled for Tuesday 24th September 2015.

With these flights, the UK government are able to continue their racist and continuous attacks on Nigerians, Ghanaians and other countries that are scheduled on the flight, save in the knowledge that the Nigerian government is in their pocket.

Many atrocities have been committed through these flights. Mothers have been separated from their children who are unfortunate to be born to Nigerian parents as the government do not fight for their rights. Instead, they are part of the thousands that the government of Nigeria has sold off to the British government. Welcome back to the slave trade!!!!

Nigeria, how much are your citizens worth?

How much are you selling our rights and future?

Nigeria has given the UK government the authorisation and access to land their chartered flights at the naval base in Lagos near Murtala airport where deportees are dumped off like cargo. They are dumped off and made to go through the frightening, degrading and humiliating process where the Nigeria immigration officers demand bribe to let them go easily. This is after the officers have pocketed the money Home Office give them to pass to deportees for transport to their final destination in Nigeria. £150 per head is a nice earner for the immigration officers in Nigeria. So why would they stop colluding with the British government? Why would they check that the British government has acted lawfully in deporting people that are medically unfit to travel? Why would they want to stop these chartered flights?

Each flight cost the UK at least £250,000 as recently reported in the media, and they intend to get as people on the flight as possible, by any means possible. That means separate families if need be, pick on vulnerable people and taking advantage of the sick.

Nigeria, where were you when the UK was deporting young adults who have spent the majority of their lives outside of Nigeria and have no relative to return to;  whose only crimes were to be born to Nigerian parents?

Nigeria, where were you when the UK was preventing many gifted young people from attending university though discriminatory legislations that prevented them from attending university just because they do not have indefinite leave to remain?

Nigeria, where were you when women with cancer were removed on chartered flight? Where was your patriotism when people who do not know Nigeria and people with mental health issues were dumped in Nigeria to fend for themselves in a foreign country?

Where were you when people with ingoing cases were deported?

Where were your voices? Where were your principles?

Nigeria sold us off many years ago to her slave master, the British government.

Nigerians, this is the time to wake up.

We refuse to be slaves to the British government.

We refuse to have our rights trampled on.

We refuse to be sold off by our government.

Why have an embassy that does nothing to assist its citizens; whose power has been taken away by the British government? This is modern slavery.

We refuse to be slaves to the British government.

No more chartered flights to Nigeria.

No more injustice.

No more hate crime.


Stop colluding with the racist attacks of the British government.

Fight for Nigeria – Fight for our freedom.


They want me to be scared of my enemy? Im not scared of my enemy! Who’s immigration?!

What happened on Saturday – we never see it in the news. And yesterday it was very very hard and the immigration officer was right here in the landing and they locked everyone up who was protesting. Not a normal officer in the landing, he was the head of immigration officers. He was in the landing he was writing the women names down that were protesting and it will probably be sent to immigration. We speak to him, ‘Why are you coming to our rooms? Why are you writing us down?’ The came into my room and said I had three t-shirts and I was only allowed one. I said they are my t-shirts, my t-shirts I can have 10 t-shirts if i want. It is not Yarl’s Wood’s t-shirt, it is mine they have no right to come into my room and take my t-shirt. They were recording me with a video camera. They told me they were recording me, I said thats fine they can record me. Protests are not illegal, we are just protesting. Anyone can protest, its not a crime. If people are not happy about something they can protest. They said they were recording me, I said ‘for what?’ They are not supposed to be in my room in the first place. These people who we don’t even know, they are outside supporting us. You want me to be scared because there is an officer in my room? These people are here to support us and I need to support them too. They want me to be scared of my enemy? Im not scared of my enemy! Who’s immigration?! 

They are putting everything in my file, it is definitely going to be there. They are trying to make me look bad person to go in my file and make be look bad in front of the judge. I saw a girl who was going to hospital and I asked if they were handcuffed. They handcuff the girls who are protesting. They handcuff me when they take me to hospital. They are looking for an excuse and say my behaviour is not acceptable cos I shout ‘FREEDOM FREEDOM’ when I go to hospital. 

They say I am encouraging th other girls to do protest. I am not encouraging anyone to protest. These girls are not 15, they are women. They are trying to put it in my file that i am head of the protest but I’m not. 

I feel discriminated. I was very surprised they were in the landing. They know I was in prison for violence and they are trying to make me look like a bad person. I haven’t been violent since I’ve been here. I feel very discriminated against. I am stressed and sad. 

They have kept me in detention for 9 months for no reason.

They have kept me in detention for 9 months for no reason. I left my country to seek a better life. Not to be in here. They feed us chips and rice everyday, everday. We are humans, we need to eat good food. They treat you nationals from other countries like animals. We only want freedom but I’ve been in here for 9 month. I’m only 21 years old. Obviously I left my country for some reason. If my country was good I wouldn’t have left. I came when I was 13 years old.

They want to deport me. If I go back to Afghanistan I don’t know no one there. Where am I going go, how am I going to survive. I can’t even speak the language properly now. And they keep me here for 9 months and I don’t know what to do. My father died in Afghanistan and my mum sent me here. I told the social services but the Red Cross can’t find my mum. So I have no one there. The home office just want me to die. They want me to go there and die.

I want people to know that when some people say they spending money on refugees, what they really do is they buy rice and chips and give it to you in here. I’ve seen people in here with mental problems because of what the home office does and I don’t want it to happen to me. They think everyday that they are going to get released. There are people with no support and they get released. And some people who have friends and girlfriends outside they don’t get out.

They are saying you have to have friends who are working and earning money to get bail. The home office says I have to have friends with a thousand pounds in their accounts. I have friends but they’re all in university and those that are working are not earning that much so they can’t be a surety for me.

I should be out. I should be enjoying myself. I should be doing something with my life. I am wasting my life. I should be out doing something for my life and for my girlfriend. When I was out I was doing college studying ICT and business. In here they are just doing ESOL but obviously I can already speak English.

I want people to know what they’re doing to refugee.

Call Nigeria high commission

Nigeria says it will not accept chartered flights from UK. Not True. Another chartered flight scheduled for 24/11 where people will be dumped at a naval base in Lagos. Stop this hate crime and all other atrocities commited through these flights. Call Nigeria high commission and ask them to stop colluding with the British. Call 02078391244, press 2 then ext 223 for immigration or ext 277 for travel certificate section. Fax 02078398746. Email NIGERIA MUST ACT, WE ARE NO LONGER SLAVES TO THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT.

Spread the word.

I am a student here.

I am a student here. I would love to talk to the immigration minister about what really happened with us. The college fooled us. It wasn’t a college even – just a small space and had 8 subjects and only two people teaching. It was suspended two times and now it’s been removed. We wasted our money and our time and that’s why I’m here. I’ve been here for a week and 6 days.

Everybody is talking about discrimination – but if you put complaints in but nothing will happen. There is so much discrimination here – they say they are treating you as a normal person but that won’t happen. They always have in their mind that these people are detainees and they have done something wrong. You have to have officers open the door and they say they are coming but they make you wait 5 minute or 10 minutes every time. This is just a small example that comes to mind.

I was among the detainees also protesting making a lot of noise I was holding a towel

Yesterday I used the phone to call, I was among the detainees also protesting making a lot of noise I was holding a towel, I was making so much noise. I really appreciate what you guys are doing. But the problems in this house are so bad, we are Africans there are foods we don’t eat but they don’t give us good food. If you have a complaint they won’t listen they just tell you to write it down. If you go to hospital with a complaint they will not put it down on your record they will say something else. It is like they are trying to hide something.

They pick people who don’t have money to pay for lawyers, they pick people who don’t have money. My roommate doesn’t have money to even follow the documents she doesn’t even have lawyer she doesn’t even know where to start. So it is unfair.

I had an Indian girl who was my roommate before. When they took her from the house they took her card from her and she doesn’t have anyone here, no mother, she said she that being here is even better because she had no one she is doing nothing about her case just crying her head off, so they take someone like this back to their country. They wake you up at midnight maybe 2am and if you refuse they shut all the doors and they drag you out.

There was one lady who was here she was having problems with her mind, we don’t know where she is now, they say is she underground and nobody knows, this is breaking our hearts.

Me, I came here from the airport and they asked me who my husband was, he wasn’t here to pick me up, so I have to go to court, so now I’m here, so if my husband is not coming then I have no one to support me.  At the moment I can’t sleep – my heart. I shouldn’t suffer because my husband is having problems with me. I did not just get my papers easily, when we put in the application I went to court and they granted it to me.  But because he did not come to identify his face they take me. I think as a human right it is not fair for us. A lot of people are losing their life here. People are
falling sick. It’s torture. It really is torture.