Two Wednesdays ago they said, ‘Someone is here to take you’.

Two Wednesdays ago they said, ‘Someone is here to take you’. I asked ‘Who? No one is supposed to be taking me.’ There were two people to take me to a flight. I didn’t know anything about this and I refused to go. The next day my caseworker put through for a temporary release.

One minute they send officers to put me on a plane, the next minute my caseworker is applying for temporary release. None knows whats going on here.

It is really really a lot to bare, being in detention. My partner and my kids are wasting away. My boy, he is two years old, if i don’t speak to him he can’t sleep. He wakes up screaming in the night. I speak to hm all the time, he wakes up in the morning and he wants to speak to me straight away. My daughter is bigger – she has decided she doesn’t want to see me in here again. She said if I don’t get released soon she is going to run away. My boy comes, and he is happy when he is here but when they go he is crying. Both he and my partner broke down last time they were leaving here. They just lock you up in here the pretend like  you don’t exist.

The original application that they detained me for, I sent them last week and they said there wasn’t payment for it. But i know there was money for it if they tried. My solicitor said this is just what they do. They don’t care, the only objective is get you out the country. I’ve seen what they do to people to get them out of here. Three, four officers bust into your room early in the morning and force you out on to a plane.

I haven’t been in my home country for 19 years. I haven’t any family there. My family is here. Why they want to send me back there? I’ve been in this country 19 years, I don’t have a criminal record in this country. I stopped working cos if i worked they said it would be a criminal offence so i’ve been staying indoors and looking after my kids. Everything they say i’ve been doing to play by the rules.

The home office don’t realise what they are doing to people. It is really unfair. Really really unfair.

You are doing nothing. Just sitting and eating.

I’ve been in the UK since 2004 as a Student. And I got married last August and so I had a visa until March 2016. I went to visit family in Pakistan. When I came back from the visit on the 24th of January they detained me from Heathrow. I was taken to Tinsley House and I’ve been here ever since.

I have been diagnosed with Diabetes before March 2015. I use tablets. It’s the detention, I’m so stressed now. I’ve been here 9 months.

So many times I have been refused bail. I have been here 10 years, legally in this country. My case is in the Upper Tribunal I’m waiting for this. They are not responding. 9 months and I am still here.

I don’t have the money the money to take on the case. The legal aid lawyer gives you a consultation but they can’t take it on without money. They only do asylum, not my family case. I have a EU resident card, it was issued in Liverpool and lasts from 2011 until March 2016. There’s 5 months remaining.

You are doing nothing. Just sitting and eating. So many people are coming and going. They just keep you just like criminals. 9 months. It’s just not fair. Today I got a monthly report-  but they just gave me the previous month’s. All the time I’ve been thinking what’s happening next. I’m always thinking where is the justice. I’m here and I’m crying to God to ask him to help me. At 4 o’clcok in the morning I wake up and I speak to him and ask him to help me. I ask where is the justice.  Where are the human rights?

They have given no response – they took my interview – but nothing. I’ve got no justice. I’m late for the justice now. I’m waiting for it. But how long can it take. I’m here in prison – Thinking how long will it take too much thinking. No activities, it’s boring.

Still around 30 people are on hunger strike at tinsley house

Still around 30 people are on hunger strike at tinsley house for the third day. It’s quite a small centre. Officer are coming into our room and saying why are you on strike, it’s not going to work. They laugh saying it’s not going to work – the Home office don’t care about it. It will be a burden on you. We tell them before, if it doesn’t work it doesn’t matter, we are on strike. Personally, I’m strike because I got a flight very soon. My case is pending in the home office but they don’t care they say they will take me to the airport and tell me the decision there. My hunger strike is for that – I’ve been here more than 8 months and they’ve given a ticket.

50 people are not eating food

50 people are not eating food in Tinsley House. Everyone is outside in the garden talking and discussing. The problem is that people have been in detention for more than 8 months. They have applied for asylum, put on fast track. In detention, no one can defend their case. They are not giving medication, there are health issues – they are not treating them properly.

I am in Tinsley centre

I am in Tinsley centre. I’ve been here for three months. I was feeling sick for over a week and they are just giving paracetamol and cannot see a doctor. I have seen a lot of guys, they are like mad and I am becoming mad. The room is coming to eat us. It is so pressurised. We did not do a crime, we are seeking asylum. Today, a lot of guys are protest, who are not eating. We want to go out from Tinsley House. We want to go outside. There are a lot of guys 6 7 8 months. We want good live as well. WE are human beings we want human rights and they are not giving us human right. We are human beings, treat us like human beings.

I’ve been in detention for more than 8 months

I’m from Tinsley House and I’ve been in detention for more than 8 months. I have many problems and my wife is outside of detentions. I am not happy with the staff of Tinsley House, they are misbehaving with me, treating us like animals.

I’m on hunger strike and all of my friends and collegues are on hunger strike because they are not having good services of Tinsley House.

My wife is outside, she tried to commit suicide last week. It is a very, very upsetting situation. No one is helping me, I have no money for a soliciter, nothing. Because I am in detention I am not with my wife, and I don’t want to leave her. I don’t want to see her troubled. That’s why I’m on hunger strike.