I started studying in UK in 2010

I started studying in UK in 2010 – I passed my diploma. I got a position in a new college and sent an application and I got another visa for 2 years. 1 year into it I applied to a different college because the college’s status was revoked. My file was in process at the Home Office for 1 year and 7 months. They kept my passport the whole time, its still with them. Then they got in contact. The new college asked for my English certificate but it had expired (lasts two years). When I went for the test they needed my passport, they didn’t accept photocopies. I called HO and they didn’t respond. They couldn’t tell me how to handle anything. I tried multiple times over the 60 days. I couldn’t sit another test and paid for it but on the day they needed my passport. And I told the home office – I gave all this explanation and then sent it on the Friday. On the Monday, I got a refusal. After two days I got removal directions and the second time I went to reporting they gave a final refusal and they detained me then. It was in January and I am still here. They have refused my Judicial Review. Even then I wrote saying I have an outstanding case and they are not considering anything. I got a ticket yesterday but I had JR which they’ve now refused. I’ve been in detention for 2 months.

The centre is the worst – there are fights everyday. They have put us with the ex-prisoners. Everybody is in a bad situation and they are out of their mind. I don’t know where to go for justice.

Who can protest here? There was a person who was refusing to leave. They took him from a room and they beat him up. Nobody knows what happened to him. I could see through my door 8 to ten officers were taking him forcefully.

Nobody can hear us. I’ve heard people are dying here, not first-hand but I know guys have killed themselves. Its not on the news.

I’ve spent thousands of pounds to get study and I haven’t been able complete my studies and they have put me in jail. It is a prison to me, they treat us badly.