Another unpredictable day

It’s another unpredictable day here in Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre.

We don’t know who will walk out of the gate going home happily, who will be dragged out of the gate by security guards to be put on the plane. We don’t know who’s gonna kick-off out of frustration and then be dragged down the block to suffer the consequences of his actions.

It’s another day not knowing who will be the next drug victim to be introduced to hard drugs out of depression, who will be walking like zombie. But it is certain that a man or two will definitely be down due to overdose of drug intake. Five days ago, it was as if I was in a movie that I would name “THE LIVING DEAD” or “PERFECT ZOMBIES” with so many detainees on my wing turning to real time zombies creeping on their stomach and some walking side ways taking two steps every five minutes.

Self-harm and suicide attempts are so high that there is one MITIE officer following at least one out of every five adult detainees to ensure he don’t hurt or kill him self after several attempts.

One guy has just finished his prison sentence of sixteen weeks i.e two months in total, but has been kept here in detention for more than twelve months after completing his prison sentence. There are many more like him.

This is the system we live in day by day.