The treatment of the people here, it will shock

The treatment of the people here, it will shock.

They want to send me to the country where I have taken finger prints. They have kept me in here for 50 days. I went to the police station to ask for help, and they locked me up and put me here.

The Dublin Rules, I am ready to follow them but they don’t follow the rules for everyone. It is different for every person. I came through Europe, if they catch me for this reason then deport me. I have no hope left in this country. I become different, I don’t know who I am. I start to believe I am criminal because I am here. I am full of depress. I can be strong enough. I spend one year to come to this country. I tried to come officially but there wasn’t an official way. I lost my time, I lost my life, I lost my family. I came for a future. People come for this. They are thinking about us wrongly. They are doing what ever they want with us. I complain in my country, which is why I run from from my country. But I didn’t leave my country to come to one without human rights. But this is happening to so many people, this cannot happen.

I have a friend, they are saying to him, ‘We will deport you, we will deport you’ and after 6 months he goes crazy. He says, ‘If you want to deport me I’m ready, I don’t want to stay in this country like this.’ But they still don’t deport him. This happens to so many people – they don’t want us in this country but they don’t deport us.

I try to complain but it was to the manager to G4S. They say you must wait for your answer but the Home Office and Immigration are the same. You write them, but they don’t answer. How long you going to wait? 3 months, 4 months? I cannot complain because I am not from here. What can I tell them? I have no papers. They talk about democracy but it isn’t human, they are not human rights.

Home Office they say Afghani people have not problem in their country. They don’t believe us. I go to the doctor and they say it’s fine and give me paracetamol. Like I come to the doctor for paracetamol. I have a real problem. If you are vegetarian everyday you have rice and potatoes. Its ok, I am vegan that is my choice. I don’t complain but it isn’t right.

The person I share the room with, he has heart problem. He asks for the doctor but the doctor didn’t come from one hour. ‘Your heart is normal, it is healthy.’ They need to treat people with heart problems seriously. They treat us like animals, worse than animals. They treat animals better than us.

In this place many things will happen here but how will people know? We are behind the walls, they cannot see it. It will shock you. 15 hours lock up every day. It is not detention centre it is prison for us.

Dear everyone who believes that freedom should be given

Dear everyone who believes that freedom should be given

I am writing these few words to tell you about what is truly happening to the surge of asylum seekers and migrants in this country. Through my humble experiences, within about 19 months, in and out of detention, regularly reporting. The detention centre is a
prison it just has another name.

The big crime is: I havea fingerprint in another of Europe’s countries.

My story in short:

After 100 days in Sweden they refused asylum, waste time left in a far or outskirt zoo out of Stockholm. They deport me to Germany. German never had any interview with my case or
process the application even after 11 month staying in a big crowd camp.

God allow me to travel and to leave german without any more excuses.

I direct to Calais france I seen there crowds LARGE AMOUNT suffering people who stand just for eat, dreaming (if they can found where to sleep) in a lovely or nice next day may in England, may  in new life or to don’t know where! but faraway of that place. I could not believe it was true but I insist to continues my journey because my chance was so limited .
after 49 days in (Ville de Calais), I had got a chance for access the UK OR THE DREAM LAND from the peoples view who sleep their cover the sky and their mattress the Calais’s sand.

finally in UK I got refused asylum and removal direction to German.

because the Dublin regulation ,

and my finger was in German despite the rule that says my first country is Sweden but because Sweden or the first country HAD ALREADY DENIED application, they FOUND German to deport me to instead.

am now in the detention

centre waiting my travel day to German after I got removal direction and ready ticket, I have met so many people  some of them may worry for what will come next, and they don’t like to move ,  its like the nightmare for some,other of them

still in their dreaming in a happy next day, which they had been  dreamed with it many before,

am writing to speak
about this because many people here have a dull feeling.

am writing because am
human or at least before I was.

am writing because didn’t committed any crime
for I be in detention and never intention to do so.

am write because

am a migrant

am a Sudanese

am a Syrian

am a Afghani

am a Somalian

am algirian

am from this world. and
now I don’t want.

am Nabil who forced to
go Italy before 2 days

am khader who worry
about future in here

am Othman who believe
in is freedom every night

am ahmad who  suffrered before he come and still now

am migrant all migrant
who lost their life in the sea to come here or the europes

Thanks for you reading.

date: 13 /3 /16

camps field detention

[ – thank you to everyone who responded to the urgent anction, he did not get removed.]