I come this country Tier 4 student visa

I come this country Tier 4 student visa. When I come this country I have 3 years visa. My everything is fine I study regular I class regular I pass exam Regular. After one and half n year my College suspend. Before my college suspend I paid my tution fees 7 thousand pound. Home did not send any 28 notice or 60 days notice. I did not receive any letter. Why its playing game with me. Before I come this country I study college I study one private farm I study there Softwere developing and hardwhere engineering. Home office don’t give me visa now I am my country engineer. 2009 this country Economic down that’s why start Tier 4 student visa, after all student come, Home office got enough money all College suspend. I have in this detention centre 4 months. Mental doctor see me and give me medication, Everyday I take medeication. I have mental problem. I come this country I need International study now I am jail. Now I go back my country how I show my face my family how I show my face my relatives, friends.
Everyday after 8:30 locked door small room 2 person inside toilet no window no oxygen. I am no criminal, I am not smagler, I am not drug dealer, I am not smoking, not drink alchol. Day by day my situation very worse. Not proper food. Bread is expired 20 days I asking officer this bread is expired officer said it is frozen bread. Maximum bread expired is 5 to 7 days, how its possible. Officer behave is very root. I take everyday medication pharmacy, everyday nurse or officer create problem, This detention centre is mentally torture. Medeication time door is locked. Food very worse. My nose blood coming that’s why I make one appointment doctor. Doctor see me and give medication. Medication name is NASAL SPRAY. This time one nurse coming without door knocked state way she told doctor why you give him this medication. I did not make a any application because without any letter Immigration come my house and arrest me.

I AM TAKING ABOUT MY CASE:- I make Asylum case Home Office take interview 3 hour after one day is refused. Appeal right 2 days. I got my own solicitor every appeal I pay my solicitor 7 hundred pound, Judge did not consider my circumstances. First tribunal and Upper tribunal 4 times all together appeal right is refused. Two times my granter bail Refused. I paid my solicitor all together 4 thousand pound. Where I am going who listen my word.
IMMIGRATION:- Immigration arrest people after arrest Immigration offer you make Asylum you stay here you don’t make Asylum today or tomorrow go back your country, Because This is Fast Track process. Its people playing big GAME.
I STRONGLY BELEIVE THAT:- Hatton Cross Immigration Asylum Court is not Independent. It is Government under control. Government order this types of case make reason and say no no. Just paper work.
I AM TAKING ABOUT LEGAL AID FREE SOLICITOR:- This solicitor just UKBA lolly pop. Its work with Home Office. After i got legal aid free solicitor because i don’t have enough money. Solicitor say okay i do for you Judicial Review you give me some new evidence after i give some new evidence, she said i cant do for you, i can do for you fresh claim. Because Judicial Review accept ther takes long time court hearing coming. About 2 months or 3 months there is one chance people release. that’s Why. She apply for me fresh claim. My fresh claim also Refused last two days ago. Now Home office don’t give me appeal right.
I have political problem my country.
My mum shes not speak very well shes crying. I come this country for study now i am jail. I understand what I have done and feel remorse for my actions. So did not handle the situation well. Since the start of my detention i have not committed any types of offence. Please help me, Please save my life. I need your help, i want freedom. i want freedom.

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