I’ve got my own problems but I help everyone

I’ve got my own problems but I help everyone. Now that are saying that I can’t help people or they’ll transfer me to another centre. They want to transfer me because I’m helping everyone. They like me but if I carry on they will transfer me. They put me as a high security risk because I help people. In one day I filled out 24 section 4 applications [for accommodation] and I help with translation. They say it’s not your job to do this – that’s immigration .But I am a citizen. At the same time I write to immigration about their case. You know, I’m a barrister, I’m not a solicitor. In life you have to be positive. But they’re blocking me.

People are going on strike and doing suicide attemts and they take them to the block. One was there for 9 days. Another was there for 7 days. The block is a cell with nothing inside no window no nothing and your there on your own. If a dog was in there, I would feel sorry for it. You can only speak to the wall. Nothing in there. If people go on strike or try to do suicide then they put them in the block. It’s very upsetting.