a young man which is deaf and dumb

They have bring in a young man which is deaf and dumb and it hurts me. As I have to look after him more than others now. When he said to me he fills he cant breeth, because he dont understand why he is in here. I did tell them for him, not to bring him here but looks like they dont care!! He is a very vulnerable man and it is so hard looking after him in here because he needs attention at all times which I am doing my best with the help of other friends. But in the same time I have to be there for others too!! for one who is not eating, for one who is self harming, for one who is very tiered of being in here and trying to hang himself or cut him self!!! I swer on my God, true Jesuse i pray for everyone so God give them freedom and strenth. I have forgoten why I am here and who i am, as the pain i see with my eyes and voice i here of  my ears, makes me forget about my self! But I am human 2!

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