I was not like this before.

I produced a letter for Luna House that I got depression- and they referred me to counselling, and then they didn’t give it back to me- it’s there in the Home Office. I have been detained now I am on fast-track. I have a partner-she is pregnant. I was suffering from stress and everything and I can not properly sleep. You know, lot’s of problems are here. I tried to find the GP nine times, ten times, and they gave me the doctor- again yesterday I had the nurse. And I said I am sweating at night-time, and the way she talked to me was very rude. She told me I am making stories- she said I am going to put you in lock up, and you cannot go outside. I am depressed and I have a lot of problems going around my head. And she told me everyting- I will lock up you…and I have problems- I cannot work in Sri Lanka. I came to here as children. I had a relationship with a member of parliament, because of that issue I can’t return. They didn’t treat me properly.

I want to get my NHS number- it is inside my luggage; they took everything when I came here. When I came here I tried to get all my important documents and it’s been two weekends. And they haven’t give me. I come in the evening and they said come in the morning; I come in the morning and they said come in the evening. They treat us like foreign dogs- they are not caring about us. How can we spend the proper time for our applications? My English is not very good. Yesterday- the way she told me I was very upset. I was hunger-striking, I was protesting. I got TB in 2012- I had medication from 1 year and I have side-effects. I have diabetes and now I have depression. I hate this building. Two times they refused me- they want me to bring a GP letter, and I take a GP letter, and I say I have depression and they put me here. My partner is upset because I am here. She is pregnant and nobody is supporting for her. She is coming tomorrow. I am very scared- you can’t believe that your baby, or something like that…I can’t understand…I get very upset I feel very upset mentally. Couselling. The word counselling…when I was coming here, I was not like this. I am like a crazy person. I can’t even think, everything, because of this illness.

If you put people here; people will get mad. My partner is outside in my house- and my baby is going to come in August. She is having abdominal pains, and she can’t do anything- she can’t give a bath to our babies, and the shower stopped working. My lawyer is also…today he didn’t call me. Not I am trying to get my NHS number. All this- everything is mad here. I was not like this before, I used to work as a support worker with people with learning difficulties in July. Now I can’t concentrate- now language, everything I am forgetting because of this. I am getting angry with the people very, very, very soon. I have got depression in here- I don’t know what is the law. I don’t know if I talk about these it is going to do anything.

Yesterday in the morning I went to wash my big sheet because I had been sweating. They said no washing powder in the morning. I have nail problems because I am biting my nails because of the stress. I tried to open my locker and I damaged my hands. I told the doctor I could not sleep and he just gave me a plaster. Another time I went to get a plaster and they made me wait for one hour. The officer came and said, come another ten or fifteen minutes later. I didn’t go back there again. Today I asked them to come and open my locker- they still didn’t come. And I had to find a steel fork to open my locker, and I took my stuff outside. I am getting angry with my partner very quickly.

I am losing my mind.


They are scared that the other detainees [on strike] will provoke us.

I am detained in Colnbrook. I have been here 3 months. I’m an educated person. I’m detained here unlawfully. We had a peaceful protest- and we made our point. And we are waiting for a reasonable answer. Because you know, we have a really shameful condition. A lot of people are in this condition and we are detained here unlawfully.

We have a slogan: Persecution is less than the mental abuse that influences completely the health state of each detainee here, however everyone believes we can continually overcome the situation by our peaceful protest and address the message to everybody responsible about this unfavourable position.

We made a letter and the point of grievance, and everyone signed this letter. We sent it to European Court. We sent it to every organisation where we could have a reasonable answer. The European court have answered- they advised us to open- for each of the signatories- to apply to the court on their own behalf.

We want to make it peaceful. We want to challenge this unlawful detention.

We are willing to make hunger strike from Monday in Colnbrook- and everybody is going to share with us this protest. There are more than 400 of us.

The relationship between Home Office and the detainee is like the slave master and the slave- this is the problem. And also the case workers lie about individual cases, and doctor cases to make them suitable for deportation- this is the problem.

These people- they don’t understand. They are not detained here so they don’t understand the situation.

Already we made a point of grievance and we solicit a reasonable answer from the Home Office, and we are waiting for a reasonable.

It is worse than prison…it’s worse than prison.

You know today- the manager they lock up the door to the yard. They are scared that the other detainees will provoke us. They are not complying- it is our right to have fresh air from 9 o’clock to 4 o’clock.

They are provoking us. Everybody is suffering here because of unreasonable time of detention- because nobody knows when they are releasing us. There have been several reports of the impact on mental health of detention.

I’m suffering from depression.

I’m suffering from depression; I’m worried about my daughter’s birthday coming on 20 March. They are messing me about today- took me to bail hearing without giving me any date or informing my sureties. They are not listening to us- we want them to remove fast-track. Next to Harmondsworth that called Colnbrook and here peoples are suffering from mental health and I hear one guy tried to suicide- today about six o’clock.

The food they give us- even animals would not like it.

You can hear people protesting that they are treating us like animals. People have mental health-depression. They are not getting medication or good food. The food they give us- even animals would not like it. People have not been eating- they are on hunger strike. There has been a lot of racism inside. They are putting them on fast-track; they are putting them on fast-track and processing them within 24 hour. They keep sending back people to countries where they will be killed. People have kids in this country. They are not giving us human rights.