We have not eaten for four days now.

I am calling from Harmondsworth. We have not eaten for four days now. And three people have collapsed from not eating or drinking. There are no human rights- no media is coming inside. We need the media to come us- we need them to come in and see what is happening inside. I am calling on behalf of people from Morocco, Benghazi, Pakistan, Egypt- lots of countries. India. We have three people from Libya here. We have been arrested here for around five months- we are not criminals. End fast-track. They haven’t given us any solicitor- anything to fight our case. Everything is being refused. Anything is being refused by the Home Office. Everyone has a dangerous life- no solicitor; how do I fight my case from within detention? I don’t know about the law; I don’t know anything. They just keep me here, and I get a refusal, and they send me back. The judge makes a judgement without a solicitor- how do I fight my case? And they keep us here for five months. And they don’t see about our cases. My first language is Arabic- so my evidence will be in Arabic. How will the judge read it? No translator- nothing; they just make a refusal. How can you refuse something if you haven’t read it?  All we need- I am talking on behalf of everyone- we need to end fast-track for everybody. We need the Home Office to read our cases properly- they don’t take time. If we give interview today, they refuse tomorrow. It doesn’t matter where you are from- they refuse you. It’s like they just make copies for everyone.

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