This place is hell; it’s like hell. I’m in hell now.

I’m Libyan. I’m here in this detention. Me and another two friends from Libya. We came to the country with the army as soldiers to train here in he UK. It’s not a real army, it’s like a Militia. It’s terrorist. I don’t want to go back with these people because they are not a real army. I don’t want to kill another Libyan.

They refuse my asylum claim. So eventually we said ok we want to back to go back to Libya.  Please this place makes you crazy. If we must die, we want to die with some dignity in our country.

But they so no we can’t send you back to Libya. the situation is too dangerous. They say no we have to wait until our situation in Libya changes.

The home office tried to make a deal and send me to Tunisia. But it’s too dangerous in Tunisia. I am Libyan.

The Libyan army is not army…it is like militia. I want to claim asylum. From the police station they bring me here to this detention…they refuse everything- the same thing happened with my friend. He claimed asylum and they refused everything. When they refuse everything we tell them- this is our country, we love our country, but the situation is too bad. They said they cant send you to your country now because the situation is too dangerous, and I asked them- “if you know that the situation is danger in my country, why you don’t accept my asylum?”. They said- “yes the situation is too dangerous, but you don’t have a personal thing…a personal risk in your life”…what do they want, a personal thing more than “my brother is killed”?! But they don’t…they don’t care.

So I told them ok, send me to my country: I don’t want asylum, I don’t want this country. I think this country before I came- the ‘great British’ is human rights, justice, or something like that, but I’m here five months and I don’t saw anything like this. This place- like North Korea or Iran or Libya; the same situation- no nothing. You don’t have the right to express. You don’t have the right to do anything.

So- two weeks ago they told me and my friend: “we want to send you to Tunisia”. And the Libyan army are waiting for you in Tunisia, and take you to Libya. I told him how I scared for the army- and to claim asylum and everyone knows in the Libyan army, especially in Tripoli- they know us and that we have claimed asylum. It’s too dangerous.

Ok, and the second thing- the next week they come to us and they say “Ok. We send you to Tunisia, but the Libyan army won’t be waiting- you go by yourself; do what you want; no solution for you”. But I think it’s not fair! How I can to my country- to the Libyan border between Libya and Tunisia; it’s too dangerous- it’s big militia, it’s big terrorism, IS, and many many militia and all the wars. All the United Nations wars that the British government; everyone; they know the situation, and everyone is scared now from Libya. Even Egypt- our neighbour- they told the Egyptian people “go from Libya!” because it’s too dangerous. Only the Libyans now in Libya- we are in the hell. Our country is destroyed; our life is destroyed; everything, but they don’t care. We want back our country but they don’t want to do this thing for us.

Now five months- I think it’s too long. We are on the fast-track. My solicitor said to me: “Fast-track is three months. If they can’t send you to your country they have to release you”, but this has not happened. And to be honest, I’m done here. I lost maybe ten kilogram my weight, and my mind isn’t focused, and very nightmare; bad thing happened to me. And, I don’t have the money to call my family. Maybe my mother called me one time in a month. And many things happened to my family, to my relatives- I don’t have a solution to call them, to know the situation. They give us only one 75 pence a day. And you have to wait maybe one week for a top-up five pounds. And the situation is not fair.

I ask everyone care about human rights and justice, because to be honest this is shame the UK. UK is defend human rights and everything all these years and in 2012 I go to claim asylum in Sweden. In Sweden, they release me on the second day. They don’t want me in this prison. And anywhere; in Germany I have relatives in Germany and everywhere- they don’t put them in this prison. Only the people who do criminal records- I don’t have anything; I’m very peaceful. They take my freedom.

I think this is the human right- but to be honest I don’t…I don’t believe anyone in this country talking about the human rights. Especially the government- they talk about human rights and war on Iraq and Libya and everywhere because of the human rights, blah-blah-blah, but this thing is only talking! No justice; no human rights, nothing. Just talking.

I want anyone to help me to get out from this place because…many people try to kill themselves. Three days- the people make hunger strike here, but no-one can do anything. If anyone can help us…help me. I don’t talk about myself but I’m in the baddest situation- the baddest thing here because I’m Libyan.

But I’m talking about the six hundred people who are with me in this detention. This thing is not fair. If this place was in another country all you would see is BBC and every media…but because it’s a place in the UK they defend…so when I say to the Home Office “This place is prison”, they say to me “No- is not prison”. Look now…and the door close on me, the small room with another man, and they close the door on me. And if I have a headache or something like that- they take two hours. This is my story. This Libyan situation is totally…and my life…everything happens to me in my country: killed, torture, prison.

This place is hell; it’s like hell. I’m in hell now.

And that’s all…thank you so much.


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