Nobody is listening to me. What can I do?

I am in Harmondsworth. They put me on a fast-track- they didn’t give me time. We’re not allowed to go outside so I could not prove myself. They didn’t give me a doctor’s appointment before the flight. Doctors have no time. After I left my house…you know some people in Pakistan are trying to find me. They want to kill me. They know what time the charter is coming back…they will wait and find me. This is very big trouble for me. My weight was 90 kg, now I weigh 65 kg- they have this on record. I was very very depressed. I’m slowly slowly dying here. It is better to not go back to my country. It is better to die here. I can’t sleep more than one hour, two hours. I don’t wanna go back. I’m here more than 5 months…if they put me here for another month I’m gunna commit suicide. Already I’m very in trouble- mentally. I’m not in a good condition. I don’t wanna stay inside here. My solicitor says “I try, I try, I try”. Nobody is listening to me. What can I do? Some people are still on hunger strike- they don’t eat. Every night they hit their doors- they make noise. The guards just listen and that’s it- they listen to immigration. They don’t listen to us. Thank you for listening to me.

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