Nigeria, where is your backbone? Where is your pride?

Nigeria, where is your backbone? Where is your pride? Where is your freedom?

End October 2015, the Vice president visited the UK with some encouraging words that Nigeria is moving forward. That is further from the truth.

The truth is, as Mr Osinbanjo was making these statements, the British government was busy preparing another chartered flight to deport people back to Nigeria. This has become a frequent arrangement; in fact there is a chartered flight every 2 months, falling on the last Tuesday of the month. The last flight was on 29th September 2015, the next is scheduled for Tuesday 24th September 2015.

With these flights, the UK government are able to continue their racist and continuous attacks on Nigerians, Ghanaians and other countries that are scheduled on the flight, save in the knowledge that the Nigerian government is in their pocket.

Many atrocities have been committed through these flights. Mothers have been separated from their children who are unfortunate to be born to Nigerian parents as the government do not fight for their rights. Instead, they are part of the thousands that the government of Nigeria has sold off to the British government. Welcome back to the slave trade!!!!

Nigeria, how much are your citizens worth?

How much are you selling our rights and future?

Nigeria has given the UK government the authorisation and access to land their chartered flights at the naval base in Lagos near Murtala airport where deportees are dumped off like cargo. They are dumped off and made to go through the frightening, degrading and humiliating process where the Nigeria immigration officers demand bribe to let them go easily. This is after the officers have pocketed the money Home Office give them to pass to deportees for transport to their final destination in Nigeria. £150 per head is a nice earner for the immigration officers in Nigeria. So why would they stop colluding with the British government? Why would they check that the British government has acted lawfully in deporting people that are medically unfit to travel? Why would they want to stop these chartered flights?

Each flight cost the UK at least £250,000 as recently reported in the media, and they intend to get as people on the flight as possible, by any means possible. That means separate families if need be, pick on vulnerable people and taking advantage of the sick.

Nigeria, where were you when the UK was deporting young adults who have spent the majority of their lives outside of Nigeria and have no relative to return to;  whose only crimes were to be born to Nigerian parents?

Nigeria, where were you when the UK was preventing many gifted young people from attending university though discriminatory legislations that prevented them from attending university just because they do not have indefinite leave to remain?

Nigeria, where were you when women with cancer were removed on chartered flight? Where was your patriotism when people who do not know Nigeria and people with mental health issues were dumped in Nigeria to fend for themselves in a foreign country?

Where were you when people with ingoing cases were deported?

Where were your voices? Where were your principles?

Nigeria sold us off many years ago to her slave master, the British government.

Nigerians, this is the time to wake up.

We refuse to be slaves to the British government.

We refuse to have our rights trampled on.

We refuse to be sold off by our government.

Why have an embassy that does nothing to assist its citizens; whose power has been taken away by the British government? This is modern slavery.

We refuse to be slaves to the British government.

No more chartered flights to Nigeria.

No more injustice.

No more hate crime.


Stop colluding with the racist attacks of the British government.

Fight for Nigeria – Fight for our freedom.


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