I was among the detainees also protesting making a lot of noise I was holding a towel

Yesterday I used the phone to call, I was among the detainees also protesting making a lot of noise I was holding a towel, I was making so much noise. I really appreciate what you guys are doing. But the problems in this house are so bad, we are Africans there are foods we don’t eat but they don’t give us good food. If you have a complaint they won’t listen they just tell you to write it down. If you go to hospital with a complaint they will not put it down on your record they will say something else. It is like they are trying to hide something.

They pick people who don’t have money to pay for lawyers, they pick people who don’t have money. My roommate doesn’t have money to even follow the documents she doesn’t even have lawyer she doesn’t even know where to start. So it is unfair.

I had an Indian girl who was my roommate before. When they took her from the house they took her card from her and she doesn’t have anyone here, no mother, she said she that being here is even better because she had no one she is doing nothing about her case just crying her head off, so they take someone like this back to their country. They wake you up at midnight maybe 2am and if you refuse they shut all the doors and they drag you out.

There was one lady who was here she was having problems with her mind, we don’t know where she is now, they say is she underground and nobody knows, this is breaking our hearts.

Me, I came here from the airport and they asked me who my husband was, he wasn’t here to pick me up, so I have to go to court, so now I’m here, so if my husband is not coming then I have no one to support me.  At the moment I can’t sleep – my heart. I shouldn’t suffer because my husband is having problems with me. I did not just get my papers easily, when we put in the application I went to court and they granted it to me.  But because he did not come to identify his face they take me. I think as a human right it is not fair for us. A lot of people are losing their life here. People are
falling sick. It’s torture. It really is torture.

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