Call Nigeria high commission

Nigeria says it will not accept chartered flights from UK. Not True. Another chartered flight scheduled for 24/11 where people will be dumped at a naval base in Lagos. Stop this hate crime and all other atrocities commited through these flights. Call Nigeria high commission and ask them to stop colluding with the British. Call 02078391244, press 2 then ext 223 for immigration or ext 277 for travel certificate section. Fax 02078398746. Email NIGERIA MUST ACT, WE ARE NO LONGER SLAVES TO THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT.

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I am a student here.

I am a student here. I would love to talk to the immigration minister about what really happened with us. The college fooled us. It wasn’t a college even – just a small space and had 8 subjects and only two people teaching. It was suspended two times and now it’s been removed. We wasted our money and our time and that’s why I’m here. I’ve been here for a week and 6 days.

Everybody is talking about discrimination – but if you put complaints in but nothing will happen. There is so much discrimination here – they say they are treating you as a normal person but that won’t happen. They always have in their mind that these people are detainees and they have done something wrong. You have to have officers open the door and they say they are coming but they make you wait 5 minute or 10 minutes every time. This is just a small example that comes to mind.

I was among the detainees also protesting making a lot of noise I was holding a towel

Yesterday I used the phone to call, I was among the detainees also protesting making a lot of noise I was holding a towel, I was making so much noise. I really appreciate what you guys are doing. But the problems in this house are so bad, we are Africans there are foods we don’t eat but they don’t give us good food. If you have a complaint they won’t listen they just tell you to write it down. If you go to hospital with a complaint they will not put it down on your record they will say something else. It is like they are trying to hide something.

They pick people who don’t have money to pay for lawyers, they pick people who don’t have money. My roommate doesn’t have money to even follow the documents she doesn’t even have lawyer she doesn’t even know where to start. So it is unfair.

I had an Indian girl who was my roommate before. When they took her from the house they took her card from her and she doesn’t have anyone here, no mother, she said she that being here is even better because she had no one she is doing nothing about her case just crying her head off, so they take someone like this back to their country. They wake you up at midnight maybe 2am and if you refuse they shut all the doors and they drag you out.

There was one lady who was here she was having problems with her mind, we don’t know where she is now, they say is she underground and nobody knows, this is breaking our hearts.

Me, I came here from the airport and they asked me who my husband was, he wasn’t here to pick me up, so I have to go to court, so now I’m here, so if my husband is not coming then I have no one to support me.  At the moment I can’t sleep – my heart. I shouldn’t suffer because my husband is having problems with me. I did not just get my papers easily, when we put in the application I went to court and they granted it to me.  But because he did not come to identify his face they take me. I think as a human right it is not fair for us. A lot of people are losing their life here. People are
falling sick. It’s torture. It really is torture.

I went to the salon to get my hair done in Croydon.

I went to the salon to get my hair done in Croydon. The Immigration officers came in and asked for our papers. I felt like I wanted to fall down and die because I didn’t have them. They took my prints and they said I’ve been here since 2007 and asked why I don’t want to go home. Well I have no one at home. They put handcuffs on me and the man said I was rude. But I didn’t want to run away because I was scarred: there were like 8 officers inside the shop. I wanted to go to weewee but I couldn’t go –  I weeweed on my trousers there in the shop. So I was cold I needed my jumper. And then they told me I was a liar and that I wasn’t cold. And they put me on the van and took me to home office in Croydon and then to Heathrow for three days.

I had a bad ulcer and they gave me some medicine to take and then they took me to yarls wood. They give us chips but I’m not meant to eat chips. It’s so hard for me to eat because what I want to eat is not here. They don’t want to do anything about. They’re not giving people tickets anymore. They’re not giving information. Now they come in the night they will tell you they are waiting and tell you to pack.

The protest was very nice. I loved it. My prayer is to let the doors come open and so people can see what is happening here. They treat us like slaves. That’s what is happening here. We want our freedom and we want Nigeria to stop issuing travel documents. I have been here 8 years, I’ve lost my brother and lost my dad who are in the UK, I don’t have any family in Nigeria.

The way things are going in this house we are not happy

The way things are going in this house we are not happy. The food they give us is not good so sometimes we don’t go to dinner.  At the moment all we have to say is people should keep working for us because it is difficult most of us have no money. Some people have just been taken away because they have no money for lawyer. It is good for us to write it down.

We are not eating, we try to do something.

We are still writing all the problems. We are not eating, we try to do something.

People settle down their whole life is in the country, hundred percent people don’t like to go so people living five years six years everything they settle down in this country, they like to take them back to India, Sri Lanka, wherever. They can’t go some people have children they have family here. We can’t go, we stay here in the detention centre, that’s why we are fighting. The room, the food is not human, we are like butterfly, the human they want freedom. This is like a zoo, the people telling ok that animal got the freedom, but freedom means no cage they can jump that’s the life.

This is like a two metres by two metres space, they give you food. The human wants to see so many places the human is liking outside, this is like a headache place now. All the people don’t like to wait here, we like to go out as soon as possible, we know that United Kingdom is amazing big place, this is like a 100 yard 100 yard place, we like to go soon as possible out that’s it.

The best thing we can write it down. Most of the people can’t talk English so it is best that we write it down. Everything we write it down in a letter we put our room numbers on it and we will send it in a couple of hours.

It would be good if the protest was on the news so that everyone will here it.

It would be good if the protest was on the news so that everyone will here it. If everyone would hear it then this immigration would have to change their way. Parliament would have to change the legislation which is affecting us here.

I can’t imagine they would take people without the ticket. They don’t give the tickets, they keep them and call you to legal or the unit office and then take you. They take people unawares. They collect her phone so she cannot contact anyone – her lawyer or anybody. The officers will go to her room and get her things and take them. She cannot change her clothes. They’ve done this to three or four ladies.

There’s no good care. No good food. No good water. No good place to sleep. There’s these little bed bugs over the beds. The water is affecting their skin. People are having serious stomach ache and there’s no good medical care. And if some people have an appointment in the hospital they will have to handcuff them as if they were a criminal. Arriving here without a visa is not a big crime that they have to handcuffed to go to hospital.

The protest yesterday was good. You guys out there are feeling for us. You are feeling what we are going through. Because we are here unlawful. They say we will resettle people after 10 years 12 years 20 years. There is a woman here who has been here 21 years. Her lawyer applied for the 20 year rule and she was refused. She is being removed on a charter flight on the 24th of November. I want everyone to know about this Charter flight to November and to stop it.

I have been here for 18 years. This is the first time they are arresting me here. They got me when I went to sign. I don’t have any where to go. I left Nigeria when I was in my 20s. I came here in my 30s. I am 51 now. The whole of my family are dead, I don’t have any body. To start with, I went to South Africa but they took my South African passport. When I visited Nigeria in 2000 I was almost killed by extended family who thought I was coming for inheritance. I had to run. Now they say I have to return to where I was almost killed.