I am a student here.

I am a student here. I would love to talk to the immigration minister about what really happened with us. The college fooled us. It wasn’t a college even – just a small space and had 8 subjects and only two people teaching. It was suspended two times and now it’s been removed. We wasted our money and our time and that’s why I’m here. I’ve been here for a week and 6 days.

Everybody is talking about discrimination – but if you put complaints in but nothing will happen. There is so much discrimination here – they say they are treating you as a normal person but that won’t happen. They always have in their mind that these people are detainees and they have done something wrong. You have to have officers open the door and they say they are coming but they make you wait 5 minute or 10 minutes every time. This is just a small example that comes to mind.

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