They have kept me in detention for 9 months for no reason.

They have kept me in detention for 9 months for no reason. I left my country to seek a better life. Not to be in here. They feed us chips and rice everyday, everday. We are humans, we need to eat good food. They treat you nationals from other countries like animals. We only want freedom but I’ve been in here for 9 month. I’m only 21 years old. Obviously I left my country for some reason. If my country was good I wouldn’t have left. I came when I was 13 years old.

They want to deport me. If I go back to Afghanistan I don’t know no one there. Where am I going go, how am I going to survive. I can’t even speak the language properly now. And they keep me here for 9 months and I don’t know what to do. My father died in Afghanistan and my mum sent me here. I told the social services but the Red Cross can’t find my mum. So I have no one there. The home office just want me to die. They want me to go there and die.

I want people to know that when some people say they spending money on refugees, what they really do is they buy rice and chips and give it to you in here. I’ve seen people in here with mental problems because of what the home office does and I don’t want it to happen to me. They think everyday that they are going to get released. There are people with no support and they get released. And some people who have friends and girlfriends outside they don’t get out.

They are saying you have to have friends who are working and earning money to get bail. The home office says I have to have friends with a thousand pounds in their accounts. I have friends but they’re all in university and those that are working are not earning that much so they can’t be a surety for me.

I should be out. I should be enjoying myself. I should be doing something with my life. I am wasting my life. I should be out doing something for my life and for my girlfriend. When I was out I was doing college studying ICT and business. In here they are just doing ESOL but obviously I can already speak English.

I want people to know what they’re doing to refugee.

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