He hiding something, I gonna call BBC

What happened exactly, somebody told me they find [body] in the cell, ok, and I’ve been upstairs and in healthcare up to the door. An officer, I told him, can I tell you what happened? He said, no, I can’t tell you what happened exactly. And I want to find out, get some news. And my phone, I put BBC News.

Yes, a person inside the room died and three officers they didn’t let me go inside to see what happened, I wanted some information. They pushed me, took me out. They pushed me out… they took me to the block. Why he took me to the block? I am not violence I have not pushed anyone. I told him he hiding something, I gonna call BBC, I know you hiding for us, you want secret here coz everyone knows there lot of problem here. Lot of people in the block, some cut his head, some smash his face, too many problem here in the block. Some people have ticket, some people been here 3 years. It’s the worst centre here, Colnbrook.

They didn’t want to tell me what happened exactly and they took me to the block for nothing, I just wanted some information on what happened exactly. The block, they put me there for 2 days.

They put me in a different wing, they took me out from a very nice place, they put me in a shit place now. They put me in a shit place now, a dirty place. They don’t let me back, they don’t want me to get more information from inside the wing.

Why? Why? Why you put me different wing? For nothing, nothing. All night, block, all nothing, never eat last night, I’ve got mental health problem, I’ve got medication. I’ve been healthcare over 6 weeks.

I’m not very well, I’m shocked about what happened. I’m shocked, you know, I’m scared, someone died. You’ve got people worse here, people suicide here. I’ve been to the block, I’ve seen worse people, some people cutting their head, their body. It is murder here. I’m scared you know. I’m scared.

The officer he not happy when I talk to you.

It took him three weeks to get like this while he was here, and he died.

That guy he came about three weeks ago. He came and they put him straight in the health care centre. Room three. Since when he came the officers watch him for 24 hours a day, maybe because he said he was going to kill himself. When someone says they are going to kill himself they are watched the whole day, everywhere they go.

For the first week, week and a half he was fine. Then he was sleeping and snoring too much. He slept long hours. I believe the medication they gave him was not the right medication. Yesterday about 6:30 in the afternoon he came in from the yard, for the fresh air, with three officers and he was vomiting. The officer said he was an idiot. He was not an idiot, he was sick. Either from the medication or food poisoning. The officer said the nurse knows better. But the nurse didn’t know better.

The officer she denied him everything, all night. He died in her name and on her neck. I promise in the name of Allah he died in the hands of that woman. Mr ****** died because she refused to call the nurse again. The nurse only came twice. When she came out she said ‘don’t call me again’. The officers complied with that. 

In the medical centre there is a room for each person. He was in number three. The nurse and doctor here are denying everything. There was an officer watching him 24 hours. The doctor came for five minutes. ‘Hello, hello, hello’ to everyone and then he leave. At 6 o’clock Mr ****** had some medication. Went out into the yard and then he was vomiting. I believe that medication make him sick. He came back in and his snoring wasn’t right after that. I said to them to check him because he wasn’t sounding right and I thought he might have a heart attack or something. I was told to look after myself and not worry about anyone else. 

About 1 o’clock in the night I heard him screaming because he couldn’t breath. She said to him – the officer told him to stop panicking and go to sleep. How can he sleep when he is coughing and vomiting and he can’t breath? 

They say he killed himself. That is not right. I’ll tell you how. He had nothing in his room. He wasn’t allowed to move from his bed, get some water or go to the toilet without someone watching him. He had no razor. If he wanted to shave they give him an electric razor and anyway he didn’t shave the whole time he was here because he had a big beard.

He was vomiting because of food or medication. When he came to this centre he was fit. It took him three weeks to get like this while he was here, and he died. I saw his face it was all red and he couldn’t breath. Everyone is denying everything in here. 6:30 in the afternoon exactly till 4 o’clock in the morning till he died. 

6 o’clock the police come here in the morning. They open our door at 8 o’clock in the morning. In the morning they don’t want me to talk to the police and they take me out of the centre to outside and when they let me back at 12 noon they lock me in my room immediately so I can’t talk to the police. The doctor and the nurse was not allowed to come in to the centre. The police were taking photos of his room. They came at 6 in the morning and left at 2 in the afternoon. Thats when they opened the doors again and I saw them leave. 

The officers watching him, they changed every one hour. They moved between watching him and behind the desk.  

The officer, she said to someone in another room ‘I’m not going to give you anything. Im going to give you punishment.’ He is going to die soon, he will try kill himself, he gets a lot of punishment from her. I don’t hear his voice in the day, he is very quiet usually, only when she is here he screams and shouts all the time. She wants to give him hassle and he has cut himself too many times, all over his face. You wouldn’t recognise him from the person that came in. He is unwell and she makes him more unwell. Always screaming and shouting – he smashed the door on his hands and legs. She makes him crazy, more crazy. Officers get paid to look after us. They lock us behind the door like the devil and treat us so bad. Ive never seen this in my life. Me, I never ask her for anything because I know the result.  

I asked the officer how Mr ****** died and he said he killed himself. I asked how he killed himself when he is watched the whole time? He said he kept his pills and took them all at once. That’s not possible. We are given our pills by the nurse with a glass of water and they wait till we have swallowed them all. These nurses are really experienced, they know when you have pills still in your mouth. I have five pills and I was swallowing them with the water and one didn’t go down. The nurse, they waited there till the last one went down. It is like they are in your mouth – they know what is going on in there. Mr ****** couldn’t have kept all the pills. It was the pills that was making him sleep so much and snore like that. I am very sorry what happened to Mr ******. He was a very gentle man, really. 

I’ve lived here for 13 years, since i was 15. I’ve been to school here, been to university.

I’ve lived here for 13 years, since i was 15. I’ve been to school here, been to university. I’m married to a man who has British citizenship. He has British children, I have have British step-children who we have 50:50 parentage for. 

They have been refusing my application for very silly reason. Saying I can go back to my country of origin and continue my relationship with my husband with Skype and whatapp, that modern technology allows us to do that. They told me I should sign on while my application was being processed, which i did. All the dates they asked me to go I was there. The last time I was there they said, ‘You have an interview today’. They took me to a room and asked me about my husband and step-children. They were asking about dates and stuff which I answered all correctly. That man then left, saying he was going to speak to someone and get back to me. Another officer came in and tried to contradict me. We see our step-children all the time, we have a good relationship with them and i pick them up from school but the officer came in and was trying to contradict my story. I rebuked him and told him no, and re-told my story. He left then after about an hour he said, ‘We are going to detain you today’. Usually they detain you if you have absconded or have a criminal record. But I have never absconded, I don’t have a criminal record, I have kept in contact with the home office for the last 13 years. 

They took me Colnbrook. When I got there they did the protocol and everything then put me in room with three beds with air-conditioning on in October. We asked them to turn it off but they said it was centralised so they couldn’t. I got really sick, to my bones, and asked to see a doctor. They didn’t let me see a nurse until three days later when they sent me to YW. The three days I was there they gave me clothes, they were supposed to be new clothes but they were so dirty. They had all been used. Even the towels and stuff. I know its not a hotel but they don’t wash them properly.

Yarl’s Wood is just crazy. Even though it is mainly women there are a lot of male staff. It is very demeaning for me to ask a male officer for sanitary products. They are in a pot but if they aren’t there you have to ask the officers and a lot of them are men.

The water is so bad. The food is so bad, it doesn’t taste of anything so you have to put loads of salt in the food which is bad for your health. I have stopped eating there and I’m eating biscuits and noodles from the shop. I don’t want to eat so much salt and damage my health before I leave here.

Theres older people here, like 65 and 70. Theres a lot of pregnant women here too. Under the circumstances everyone is doing the best they can. There was a lady here who was 8 weeks pregnant, and she just found out. She was crying all the time. her pregnancy was delicate and she was worried for her life and her baby’s life. When she had pain they gave her paracetamol, they didn’t examine her. When she asked to be examined they said you have a stomach ache – so you get paracetamol for that. They seem to be giving everyone paracetamol for everything here.

The beds are very uncomfortable, just rubber mattresses, and they are dirty from how many people have slept there. They only clean the room if two people have left, but not if one person leaves, even if they have been there for months. It is not healthy. 

Women have come from all over the country, from Scotland and Newcastle. I feel bad for the women here because their families can’t come and visit them. People’s families have to work extra hours to pay for the solicitors. 

Some of the officers are nice but you forget about them when the others look at you like you are nothing.

People try to kill themselves here. It is such a depressing atmosphere. People take the bit out the wardrobe that you hang the clothes on and harm themselves with it. 

Also there is a lady here who has clearly lost her mind. I say that respectfully. I am told she has been here for 8 months. She shouts at people and tells them not to look at here or she will get them. She goes to the gym and sits outside where people leave their shoes and she rubs her armpits with the shoes. I am scared for my own safety but for her – for her too. The officers say there is nothing wrong with her but it is clear there is. She need to be in a place where she can be cared for properly.

Before we would know for about a week before your deportation tickets. Now they just take you unaware. They call you into legal and tell you your flight is in the morning so you don’t have time to speak to your lawyer. Also people have been called to legal and leave the same day. We knew who had a ticket before. At this point it will only take a miracle of god to cancel a ticket like that. 

When people who are unwell and are taken outside to a hospital or specialist appointment, they take most of them handcuffed. We are not criminals, they take most of us unaware to bring us here. They handcuff them. They are weak and unwell, they do not resist. The officers do it because they are scared they are going to run away. Everyone looks at you like a criminal, if you are lucky they put a cloth over your hands to hide the handcuffs.

People are not criminals here. Most of us have been here for years, and contributed. I have obeyed everything they have said and not worked because I wasn’t allowed. But I have done charity work and showed them records to say I am a good citizen and trying to contribute to this society. But they don’t care.

The worst thing for me is you don’t know how long you are here for. If you are a criminal you know you are in prison for a year. But you go to legal to ask them something and they say they don’t have that information. People have been here for 2 months, 6 months,  8 months. You don’t know how long for. Thats the worst thing for me.

When i come to this country I was married to an English man.

When i come to this country I was married to an English man. He had HIV. After one year of marriage it didn’t work because he wanted to fuck me in my bum. I said no its against my religion. And he called immigration and cancelled my passport and my visa. And after three months I go to hospital and they tell me I have HIV. I used to see my husband taking medication but I cannot read English. I can speak English well but I can’t read it. He didn’t tell me he had HIV. So now I am on medication i realised it is the medication my husband used to take. Immigration now are trying to deport me and I am on medication and I have to take it all my life, my family will not accept it and buy my medication because they do not accept my marriage. I got married without my family’s consent so the will not help me. When I was was married I was 15 at the time and he was 53. Since then I lived in the street, I am stressed, I cannot walk in the street. I cannot trust no one. I don’t know what happened to me. That cause me stressed, and I get more violent when I am stressed and I was in prison for a violent crime. I feel like no-one is there to help me. Immigration won’t help me. They say when my husband abused me why didn’t I report it? I said I didn’t speak English and i didn’t know the law.

When they asked about my report in the court nothing tangible was written down. What they said it was like i was lying.

When they asked about my report in the court nothing tangible was written down. What they said it was like i was lying. Before that day I was complaining to them, the way I am feeling. I am feeling stressed. I am hearing voices. I lost my husband. Nothing was written about that. They are saying I’m lying. I reported it because I am feeling pain in my leg and my arm, that is what cause me to fall down that day. They don’t care about my life. I loose my husband for god sake. Now they are still looking at me like I am pretending. How can I pretend to loose a loved one.
When they took my medical report they said I am fixed, everything is all rights. They are telling me I am lying, that I’m OK.
What can they do to help me? I looked after my husband and when got arrested I told them about my husband. What can they do to prevent my husband to die? They said I would abscond but my husband is British so where am I going to abscond to? They didn’t get someone to look after my husband and six weeks after I was arrested my husband died. Now because I don’t have a husband they say I have to return to my country. My life is in danger in my country.
What is happening in the kitchen now. I am working in the kitchen, which I believe they are supposed to give facilities for ladies to go to the toilet. When I was in the prison they had two toilets and I was expecting that. When you leave the officers search you. I never knew that. I was about to go to the toilet. I asked, ‘Please can you show me the toilet?’ The lady said we didn’t have toilets. I was so stressed. I had my period I needed to go to the toilet. ‘We don’t have toilets here’. They had to get an officer to search me before I could go outside. The officer I spoke to was a woman I asked her to search me so I could go out, but she said she couldn’t. I had to wait over 15 minutes for an officer and I weed on my body. That was cruel. That’s the was we are treated here. I can’t treat my animal like that, the way they are treating us here. If anyone told me this treatment I wouldn’t have believed it but it happened to me. If they can’t look after us they should let us go. I have finished my sentence they are keeping me here. They should let me go. One mistake. They won’t give us another opportunity.

A lot has happened here. I’ve been here seven months.

A lot has happened here. I’ve been here seven months. The health care is rubbish, it is very poor. I’m sick but they can’t take care of me here. The food is rubbish. Last week there was a cockroach inside the food, the vegetarian food. A cockroach. They are keeping all the people here. 70 years. Pregnant people, old people, sick people. They don’t take people to the hospital. There is a lady who get pregnant in here cos she was with her husband. They moved her husband because she got pregnant and kept her here. She is five months pregnant. She is not even getting proper food to eat. Yesterday someone took her food. It was just dry rice and she didn’t eat, she went to bed hungry. All this is going on here its not right. Something has to be done. If you book an appointment to see a doctor is takes two weeks to see a doctor. They don’t respect us at all. It ages before they give you your parcel. It takes long. I am depressed. I am on anti depressants. I do have therapy. The seized my extensions to plait my hair. Three months now they have never given me my extension.

This is my story and Friday is my flying day

I came to the UK in 1996. When I was 2 years old my parents died in a car accident in Bangledesh. When they died, my mum’s brother looked after me. He was quite poor and he sold me to someone who wanted to adopt me. They took me when I was 5 years old and I was with them until I was 15 years of age. But they weren’t a good family, they were beating me, they were treating me like slave. I have a lot of marks on my body. I came with them to the UK. They made me work in a Bangledeshi take away. I was like a slave. After that some people found me working there when I was young. I told them my story and one of them looked after me. He told me not to go back to them. He said you shouldn’t work at my age. He said I could stay at his house. I stayed with them for a while. When I was 18 I worked in a Next clothes shop and Netto supermarket. In 2009, Immigration found me in the work place. They took my wallet, my bank account, my driving licence, national insurance number and they took me to the police station. It was very hard for me in the cell for one night and one day. They released me and told me to go back to see them but I didn’t go back because it was scary. I was fasting at that time, I was weak and I asked them not to keep me in the cell but they kept me.

They found me in 2013 and took me and put me in Morton Hall for 13 days. They released me and said I needed to report. Since then, for two years, I was reporting. One by one, step by step I went through my applications and different kinds of case. I put a fresh claim. Most solicitors talk nice but they work not nice for immigrants. They know my weak point because I’m not allowed to work. I changed my solicitor 10 times while in the UK. With the solicitor you write my life story but they get it wrong. I ask to see it before court but they don’t show it to me. When I go to court it sounds like I’m lying because they got it wrong.

I was signing for two years. One day, the reporting officer told me that we need to recognise me from Bangledesh and needed to speak to London high commissioner. They said we can’t recognise you because we need to see you face to face. So I needed to go to the high commissioner, I said that’s fine. When I went, it took 1 hour, and they said they can’t recognise me. They said maybe I was from Burma or from India and you came very early to the UK so we can’t recognise you. Lots of people speak Bengalie. I speak about 7 different kinds of language. They said they can’t take me sorry. I said that’s fine I don’t want to go.

I talked with them twice. They failed both times. In 2014 immigration refused everything including my fresh claim. I put in a JR and they gave me 90 days. After aeround 30 days they arrest me and they take my picture. They say that everything has finished but I say not everything is finished because I have 90 days for the JR. I say this is unlawful but they arrest me by force.

They take me to Pinine House and then Dungavel. They gave me a ticket. I had to write saying that they have failed to recognise me and they cancelled the ticket. After 4 months they said I needed to go to the commission again in London. I’ve done this twice already. I say why are you sending me again? But they have power, they can do anything. I was moved to Pennine House and then to Harmondsworth.

The High Commissioner asked me my Name and where I was born. That was it. He was very arrogant to me and to the detention officers too. He didn’t say anything to me. I went to the Gatwick detention centre with a very small room with two people on a bunk bed, with a toilet in the room, an open toilet. How can I go toilet in that – no door, no curtain nothing. I wrote to them that this is prison proper. I want to go to Dungavel. I know this is detention too, its prison, but something is better than nothing.

They sent me back to Dungavel. Altogether it was 5 months. On Saturday they forced me to go, to London. They said they have a ticket. I said no, I’ve got nothing in Bangledesh. How did you know that my asylum is wrong? For my last application they didn’t accept it, they didn’t didn’t interview. I provided with them with all the documents, but they didn’t accept anything. Maybe you have got it wrong, I said. I am now in Pennine House. Tomorrow they will take me to Harmondsworth. And Friday is my flying day. They said to me they will take me by force.

As well I’m not well. My throat is very painful. And I had a fish from Dungavel and now my throat has been bleeding a little bit some time. And I feel in pain. I’m also very depressed, I’ve been here 5 months. I’ve been given sleeping and depression tablet. They gave me these two for every day. The doctor knows everything and booked me an appointment in hospital. But I haven’t been because of this removal. This is my story and Friday is my flying day.

Chronological Statement Of Mr TK Death At IRC The Verne

(EDITOR: Detained Voices has received a long report entitled “UK HOME OFFICE HUMANITY CRIMES AGAINST AFRICANS & ASIANS” written by people held inside The Verne IRC. It will be published in sections, currently with some specific details redacted. Where text is removed, it is replaced by [ ]. Names of people detained have been anonymised.)



i. IRC the Verne – Death of Mr TK, a Ugandan national, 30 years of age. On 05/08/2015 at 16:30, he was refused his medication by the healthcare staff who told him he was late. He was upset as the medication helps him deal with indefinite detention. The following day 06/08/2015 at 08:00, staff found him dead with [ ]. Mr K was suffering from severe depression, panic attacks, mental health issues and was dependant on medication. He went to the medical hatch twice a day to collect his meds, at 8:30 and 16:00 without fail.

ii. Mr K’s depression got worse after staff at The Verne started controlling how much of his own money he was allowed to spend. He hated that treatment and would complain to anyone who knew him. The staff only allowed him to spend £25 a week of his own money and that was too much controlling of an individual. The claimed that he was a target to drug dealers.

iii. Doctors have written to the Home Office about his health and recommended release as he was a vulnerable detainee. The Home Office Caseworker wrote to Mr K stating that he was ‘pretending’, ‘faking it’. He must be faking it and/or pretending his death! Home Office Caseworkers are not human beings, they treat detainees like the worst scum on earth (excuse my French).

iv. Mr K was an asylum seeker from Uganda. His mother lives in London. His asylum claim was refused and was told that he can only appeal from outside the UK. How can someone who is fleeing persecution appeal asylum refusal from the country they are fleeing persecution from. We cannot appeal when we are dead, or can we do that in the UK? Die first then appeal Home Office asylum refusal as requested for every asylum seeker who have been refused asylum? To make matters worse for Mr K, the Home Office threatened him with deportation.

v. On the [ ]/08/2015, we wrote a memo to the Home Office and faxed it to: The Home Office (Case Management), Fax: [ ] reads as follows:

Re: The Death of Mr TK on 06/08/2015 at IRC The Verne, Portland, Dorset, DT5 1EQ.

We write this statement as a collective. We are the occupants of [ ]. We are very saddened of what happened to one of our fellow detainee and friend. This is a very traumatic experience for any detainee, we need urgent help, be it medical attention and counselling. So far the Verne IRC has not done anything to help or talk to any of us. We are traumatised, disturbed and shocked of what happened. He was a nice person and always smiling with us. His death has affected us in a way that we cannot explain or write here. We really want to talk to someone to help get us over it please? Would you kindly please refer us to counselling and consider our release on compassionate grounds? (Signed document not included for anonymity reasons)

vi. It is sad that no official came to see anyone of us who shared the same landing with Mr K. No official came to visit and check how badly affected, shocked and traumatised the occupants on Mr K’s landing (Room [ ]) coped with his death. Nobody cares if a refugee, asylum seeker or illegal immigration dies in UK detentions.

vii. It was only after the Home Office have received our faxed memo that we received letters from The Verne Acting Manager Mr David Bourne on the 12th August 2015 as a response to the memo we singed and sent to the Home Office (see above vi). Mr Bourne mentioned that he was responding to the memo dated 6th August and addressed to the Home Office Case Management, following Detainee Information Notice Number 033/2015. The home Office did not respond to our signed Memo. They really don’t care about us. (We will be pleased to fax you the letter from Mr David Bourne, if requested).

viii. Mr PF, a Jamaican national spoke to senior Verne Officers on the day Mr K was found dead. Mr PF wanted to see the detective so he can tell them what happened at the Verne Healthcare the day before Mr K’s death. The senior officers told Mr PF they will contact the detective. Mr PF explained to the officers that he was present at Healthcare on the 5th August 2015 (around 16:30) when nurses refuse to give Mr K his medication telling him that he was late. Mr K responded that he was asleep and apologise for being late but the nurses were not having none of it. Mr K was denied his important medication and the following day he was found dead.

ix. A witness like Mr PF should have been given a chance to talk to the detective in order to help them with their enquiries. Surprisingly, two days later Mr PF was transferred to Brookhouse. Mr PF had serious medical attention and was suffering from hernia. The doctor at the Verne stated that he was unfit to travel and that he needed an urgent medical attention; ‘in simple terms Mr PF needed very important surgery and was not fit to travel long distance, let alone fly UK to Jamaica’. We have not heard from Mr PF after he was transferred to Brookhouse. We think he has been deported to Jamaica in an effort to cover-up The Verne murder of Mr K. Mr PF is a very important witness to the enquiry of Mr K and should be brought back for police questioning.

I was not like this before.

I produced a letter for Luna House that I got depression- and they referred me to counselling, and then they didn’t give it back to me- it’s there in the Home Office. I have been detained now I am on fast-track. I have a partner-she is pregnant. I was suffering from stress and everything and I can not properly sleep. You know, lot’s of problems are here. I tried to find the GP nine times, ten times, and they gave me the doctor- again yesterday I had the nurse. And I said I am sweating at night-time, and the way she talked to me was very rude. She told me I am making stories- she said I am going to put you in lock up, and you cannot go outside. I am depressed and I have a lot of problems going around my head. And she told me everyting- I will lock up you…and I have problems- I cannot work in Sri Lanka. I came to here as children. I had a relationship with a member of parliament, because of that issue I can’t return. They didn’t treat me properly.

I want to get my NHS number- it is inside my luggage; they took everything when I came here. When I came here I tried to get all my important documents and it’s been two weekends. And they haven’t give me. I come in the evening and they said come in the morning; I come in the morning and they said come in the evening. They treat us like foreign dogs- they are not caring about us. How can we spend the proper time for our applications? My English is not very good. Yesterday- the way she told me I was very upset. I was hunger-striking, I was protesting. I got TB in 2012- I had medication from 1 year and I have side-effects. I have diabetes and now I have depression. I hate this building. Two times they refused me- they want me to bring a GP letter, and I take a GP letter, and I say I have depression and they put me here. My partner is upset because I am here. She is pregnant and nobody is supporting for her. She is coming tomorrow. I am very scared- you can’t believe that your baby, or something like that…I can’t understand…I get very upset I feel very upset mentally. Couselling. The word counselling…when I was coming here, I was not like this. I am like a crazy person. I can’t even think, everything, because of this illness.

If you put people here; people will get mad. My partner is outside in my house- and my baby is going to come in August. She is having abdominal pains, and she can’t do anything- she can’t give a bath to our babies, and the shower stopped working. My lawyer is also…today he didn’t call me. Not I am trying to get my NHS number. All this- everything is mad here. I was not like this before, I used to work as a support worker with people with learning difficulties in July. Now I can’t concentrate- now language, everything I am forgetting because of this. I am getting angry with the people very, very, very soon. I have got depression in here- I don’t know what is the law. I don’t know if I talk about these it is going to do anything.

Yesterday in the morning I went to wash my big sheet because I had been sweating. They said no washing powder in the morning. I have nail problems because I am biting my nails because of the stress. I tried to open my locker and I damaged my hands. I told the doctor I could not sleep and he just gave me a plaster. Another time I went to get a plaster and they made me wait for one hour. The officer came and said, come another ten or fifteen minutes later. I didn’t go back there again. Today I asked them to come and open my locker- they still didn’t come. And I had to find a steel fork to open my locker, and I took my stuff outside. I am getting angry with my partner very quickly.

I am losing my mind.