A lot has happened here. I’ve been here seven months.

A lot has happened here. I’ve been here seven months. The health care is rubbish, it is very poor. I’m sick but they can’t take care of me here. The food is rubbish. Last week there was a cockroach inside the food, the vegetarian food. A cockroach. They are keeping all the people here. 70 years. Pregnant people, old people, sick people. They don’t take people to the hospital. There is a lady who get pregnant in here cos she was with her husband. They moved her husband because she got pregnant and kept her here. She is five months pregnant. She is not even getting proper food to eat. Yesterday someone took her food. It was just dry rice and she didn’t eat, she went to bed hungry. All this is going on here its not right. Something has to be done. If you book an appointment to see a doctor is takes two weeks to see a doctor. They don’t respect us at all. It ages before they give you your parcel. It takes long. I am depressed. I am on anti depressants. I do have therapy. The seized my extensions to plait my hair. Three months now they have never given me my extension.

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