When they asked about my report in the court nothing tangible was written down. What they said it was like i was lying.

When they asked about my report in the court nothing tangible was written down. What they said it was like i was lying. Before that day I was complaining to them, the way I am feeling. I am feeling stressed. I am hearing voices. I lost my husband. Nothing was written about that. They are saying I’m lying. I reported it because I am feeling pain in my leg and my arm, that is what cause me to fall down that day. They don’t care about my life. I loose my husband for god sake. Now they are still looking at me like I am pretending. How can I pretend to loose a loved one.
When they took my medical report they said I am fixed, everything is all rights. They are telling me I am lying, that I’m OK.
What can they do to help me? I looked after my husband and when got arrested I told them about my husband. What can they do to prevent my husband to die? They said I would abscond but my husband is British so where am I going to abscond to? They didn’t get someone to look after my husband and six weeks after I was arrested my husband died. Now because I don’t have a husband they say I have to return to my country. My life is in danger in my country.
What is happening in the kitchen now. I am working in the kitchen, which I believe they are supposed to give facilities for ladies to go to the toilet. When I was in the prison they had two toilets and I was expecting that. When you leave the officers search you. I never knew that. I was about to go to the toilet. I asked, ‘Please can you show me the toilet?’ The lady said we didn’t have toilets. I was so stressed. I had my period I needed to go to the toilet. ‘We don’t have toilets here’. They had to get an officer to search me before I could go outside. The officer I spoke to was a woman I asked her to search me so I could go out, but she said she couldn’t. I had to wait over 15 minutes for an officer and I weed on my body. That was cruel. That’s the was we are treated here. I can’t treat my animal like that, the way they are treating us here. If anyone told me this treatment I wouldn’t have believed it but it happened to me. If they can’t look after us they should let us go. I have finished my sentence they are keeping me here. They should let me go. One mistake. They won’t give us another opportunity.

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