We are not eating, we try to do something.

We are still writing all the problems. We are not eating, we try to do something.

People settle down their whole life is in the country, hundred percent people don’t like to go so people living five years six years everything they settle down in this country, they like to take them back to India, Sri Lanka, wherever. They can’t go some people have children they have family here. We can’t go, we stay here in the detention centre, that’s why we are fighting. The room, the food is not human, we are like butterfly, the human they want freedom. This is like a zoo, the people telling ok that animal got the freedom, but freedom means no cage they can jump that’s the life.

This is like a two metres by two metres space, they give you food. The human wants to see so many places the human is liking outside, this is like a headache place now. All the people don’t like to wait here, we like to go out as soon as possible, we know that United Kingdom is amazing big place, this is like a 100 yard 100 yard place, we like to go soon as possible out that’s it.

The best thing we can write it down. Most of the people can’t talk English so it is best that we write it down. Everything we write it down in a letter we put our room numbers on it and we will send it in a couple of hours.

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