Everybody is in the corridor. Every family.

Everybody is in the corridor. Every family. No family is in their room. In hummingbird wing in Yarl’s Wood. It’s the family unit. We have 36 families – 36 couples. Husband and Wife. Everybody has problems. We decided to do a small strike. They have put a note on the complaint book but they didn’t reply. Everybody is suffering in Yarl’s Wood. They have families outside. They don’t listen about the emotional outcomes of it. In my case, my grandmother is alone. I’ve told temporary admission twice – she is doing toilet in bed – but they don’t listen, they don’t release me. But everyone has problems. We’ve been in here more than 60 days.

The officers came to say we should eat. We said we’re not eating today, take the food back.

We have lots of support from people outside. They came here standing in the rain. So we support them as well. They know our problems – they want to support us.

There are lots of people with healthcare problems. They go to the nurse and they are very rude to them. Everyone is given paracetamol. They only take action when it increases or we are going to die. But other’s no point.

[chanting in background: “We have everybody in the corridor – and don’t go in the room”]

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