It would be good if the protest was on the news so that everyone will here it.

It would be good if the protest was on the news so that everyone will here it. If everyone would hear it then this immigration would have to change their way. Parliament would have to change the legislation which is affecting us here.

I can’t imagine they would take people without the ticket. They don’t give the tickets, they keep them and call you to legal or the unit office and then take you. They take people unawares. They collect her phone so she cannot contact anyone – her lawyer or anybody. The officers will go to her room and get her things and take them. She cannot change her clothes. They’ve done this to three or four ladies.

There’s no good care. No good food. No good water. No good place to sleep. There’s these little bed bugs over the beds. The water is affecting their skin. People are having serious stomach ache and there’s no good medical care. And if some people have an appointment in the hospital they will have to handcuff them as if they were a criminal. Arriving here without a visa is not a big crime that they have to handcuffed to go to hospital.

The protest yesterday was good. You guys out there are feeling for us. You are feeling what we are going through. Because we are here unlawful. They say we will resettle people after 10 years 12 years 20 years. There is a woman here who has been here 21 years. Her lawyer applied for the 20 year rule and she was refused. She is being removed on a charter flight on the 24th of November. I want everyone to know about this Charter flight to November and to stop it.

I have been here for 18 years. This is the first time they are arresting me here. They got me when I went to sign. I don’t have any where to go. I left Nigeria when I was in my 20s. I came here in my 30s. I am 51 now. The whole of my family are dead, I don’t have any body. To start with, I went to South Africa but they took my South African passport. When I visited Nigeria in 2000 I was almost killed by extended family who thought I was coming for inheritance. I had to run. Now they say I have to return to where I was almost killed.

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