Theres fire in Yarl’s Wood. Its spreading.

Theres fire in Yarl’s Wood. Its spreading. Its coming from crane. The police are there. The fire is very powerful. They say there is a fire door but the door is on fire. Three girls have gone to hospital already. We all think we are going to die. The girls are screaming and crying. They think they are going to die. Fire, ambulance and police truck. Don’t cry, don’t dry. 

They are trying to put the fire out. The police are at our block now and saying it is under control.

One Indian girl, she has asthma. We don’t want to die, we don’t want to die. Don’t cry, don’t cry. FIRE FIRE FIRE. All the girls are screaming screaming. We are OK. Its ok its OK. WAKE UP WAKE UP. Everyone is screaming, too many things going on. 

They want to kill us so we don’t fight. They are trying to kill us so we don’t fight. 

Fours girls now go to hospital. One girl has epilepsy. She has gone. 

We don’t know how the fire started. A woman set herself on fire. She want to kill herself she put fire on herself. The officers were saying things to her and set herself on fire. You are supposed to go into the garden but they were telling people go into their room. Four people have set themselves on fire. Everyone is scared. They are taking down that people are on phones and contacting people. This needs to stop. 

If this door was a fire door it would not go on fire. 

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