I want to tell you about what’s going on with the fire

I want to tell you about what’s going on with the fire. There was a a big fire. A woman was going through stress. She was crying and no one was paying any attention. A woman tried set the room on fire. She light the room and she was sitting there. There was smoke. There were a lot of screaming and crying. The fire brigade were here. It happened about 20 minutes ago. Everyone had to go to the gym.

It’s really bad. It’s really bad. It’s getting from bad to worse. You don’t know what’s happening here. You can be sleeping and die because of the smoke. Anything can happen because of the stress people are going through. You don’t know what can happen. It’s really really bad tonight.

Everywhere you go you can smell the smoke. People had to cover their nose. Even people upstairs.

Four people have gone to hospital. I don’t know if the woman was okay because they had to pull her out. I don’t know what’s happened now.

Yarl’s Wood needs to close down. People are suffering here.

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