I have been detained since december 2014

I have been detained since december 2014.And my Judicial review application is pending in upper tribunal since DEC2014.And I call them and tribunal told me that the decision will be make after eight months.so i have been detained three months ago.And the worse thing is that there is no time limit for detention.And the officer treat us like a beast and dominating us. Now Iam feeling embaresement and I lost the self respect and dignity.I left my country ,family,cultur,and food for the sake of education and completed graduation in UK.And student paid money to college as a fee and in the same month the college is become suspended and we lost the money.So it means these people are the MAFIA of EDUCATION.Now I am losing mental health and taking a dose of anti-depression medicine.And physically I lost my hairs because of stress.And even I lost the self confidence and I cannot see my face in a mirror.
kind Regards

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