Fast Trak system in prison completely unfair

Fast Trak system in prison completely unfair to people seeking asylum.
What happens to people who are on the fast track harvester is the process of removing from the country under the guise of judicial reform held in jail over people.
This program is beneficial immigration service and only to them, assists in removal from the country.
As held my process of judicial reforms to the asylum in Britain. Home Office Opened interviews conducted without an interpreter, 3 weeks after I had a general interview, three days after it’s refuse, the right to trial first tribunal.
. since my arrest five weeks passed, the trial tribunal held without video, the judge allowed himself to say things are not allowed. It’s terrible, I realized that the judge and home office is one that works for one outcome, “remove” in spite of everything. It is not fair and terrible for immigrants in need of asylum
After the first trial I was oddly bequests of judicial conduct, refuse gave me after five days, after three promised, Free Lawyer my case left after the first trial,…
I stayed had to fight for their rights, I was right at the second trial, the resolution which gives the first court, they invite me said, giving form to a higher court, the high court also said to me, because poorly prepared foundation, because I’m not a lawyer Do it impossible to do in a short period of appeal.
Time is not on refuse, on the form, there are only two or three days in jail where immigrants are cut off from the world, blocked Internet access for human rights, where the fax is not working, where conditions are so much terrible crush on people who have suffered and so that only makes us get out of prison ANY price.
Here’s how the immigration system is provided for asylum in UK Shame!
Chairman of the Home Office said that here in prison is only people who are waiting for a ticket back to his native country, is required haste lie!
This required haste dishonest judicial reform as clowns for showing off the work that was conducted for asylum but unfortunately, the court did not believe.
So it is with all who are asking for asylum here.
This system should be condemned his actions.
Or, British authorities have officially declare publicly in to do not providing shelter for immigrants in UK so people will notice this before they became a victim of Harmondsworth Prison or any others detentions in UK.

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