The government should open their eyes

I’ve been in the UK since 2011. It wasn’t specified why they got interested in my immigration case in 2014. In February at night 7 officers came to my house and hand cuffed me in front of my kids. I work for a big UK company. In the eyes of my neighbours they must think I’m a big criminal. I was never running away I was just living here. They said I need to be taken away – they gave no paper work to my partner. From then I’ve been held here, my solicitor said illegally. The judge in Newport gave me bail 12 days ago and the Home Office refused to release me. They say that I can abscond and will commit a crime – I don’t have a criminal record in the UK. I was working legally and paying taxes and everything. I put a judicial review to stop the deportation order but they were still trying to take me to the airport. The high court said to cancel the deportation order and immediately release. I’m going to High court again soon to see why they haven’t released me.

It’s terrible in here. I’m paying my taxes and my taxes are paying for this place. The food is disgusting, my dog wouldn’t eat that. The officers won’t listen to you. If you don’t sign something they want you to sign they will say you are not cooperating but of course I’m not going to sign a deportation order when I have a legal case going on. The people who work here are still prison officers. It feels like a prison – it’s literally like a prison. You are not allowed many things.

The government should open their eyes to what they do to families in this country. If family life is involved, where kids are involved they should take a concern that they are destroying our family life. But they are saying we can keep our relationship via skype. How you want to keep it going across 1,500 miles away. We can’t even live together. I have nothing in Poland anymore, everything is here, my partner, my kids, my house.

The home office try to destroy you mentally. They are just waiting for you to do something wrong so they can punish you. You literally have this feeling that they are pushing you to destroy your mental health. I think the government should open their eyes to see what the home office is doing.

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