You are doing nothing. Just sitting and eating.

I’ve been in the UK since 2004 as a Student. And I got married last August and so I had a visa until March 2016. I went to visit family in Pakistan. When I came back from the visit on the 24th of January they detained me from Heathrow. I was taken to Tinsley House and I’ve been here ever since.

I have been diagnosed with Diabetes before March 2015. I use tablets. It’s the detention, I’m so stressed now. I’ve been here 9 months.

So many times I have been refused bail. I have been here 10 years, legally in this country. My case is in the Upper Tribunal I’m waiting for this. They are not responding. 9 months and I am still here.

I don’t have the money the money to take on the case. The legal aid lawyer gives you a consultation but they can’t take it on without money. They only do asylum, not my family case. I have a EU resident card, it was issued in Liverpool and lasts from 2011 until March 2016. There’s 5 months remaining.

You are doing nothing. Just sitting and eating. So many people are coming and going. They just keep you just like criminals. 9 months. It’s just not fair. Today I got a monthly report-  but they just gave me the previous month’s. All the time I’ve been thinking what’s happening next. I’m always thinking where is the justice. I’m here and I’m crying to God to ask him to help me. At 4 o’clcok in the morning I wake up and I speak to him and ask him to help me. I ask where is the justice.  Where are the human rights?

They have given no response – they took my interview – but nothing. I’ve got no justice. I’m late for the justice now. I’m waiting for it. But how long can it take. I’m here in prison – Thinking how long will it take too much thinking. No activities, it’s boring.

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