Two days ago, I needed some hot water

Two days ago, I needed some hot water eight minutes before bang up time. I tried to get water for my flask. The officer took my flask and pushed me back. I said I know its late but I just need water. I apologised. He punched me in the heart and he closed the door and went. Then the security people came with cctv and ask what happened. I have a mark on my chest and my room mate was a witness. He wrote down a police case and I waited until 12 o’clock and I went to the nurse and I still had pain. The doctor did a check. The have a report in my file. I haven’t seen the officer since that. Nothing has happened since. I asked them yesterday what is going to happened and they said they are going to come and see you.

I am in the red book because I tried suicide two time and I had torture in Sri Lanka and they come and check me every hour in the night. I can’t go back to my country.

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