Instead of helping us they locked us up

I’ve been in Yarl’s Wood for 9 months. A few days ago tried to kill my self. I put something the around my neck, I was unconscious my friend found me. My friend self harmed when she saw me. The officers instead of helping us they locked us up healthcare and then about 20 officers (only two women) came to take us to the block using force. They twisted our arms and held our neck down and took us. A male officer held me down and a female officer put their hands in my knickers to get my phone so I couldn’t tell anyone what was happening to me. They did similar to my friend. We were so scared.

I’ve had 6 bail hearings and they are all rejected on stupid points. I was trafficked in my country. I am scared of these people so much. How can they go in my knickers in front of male officers? I am so stressed.

A male officer tried to search me once. I told him not to come near me three times. But he didn’t stop so I punched him and gave him a bruise. The police came and they took me to court and the judge fined me £15. I feel like they sexual assaulted me. They can do anything.

We need support, we need mental health help but they just put us in the block with a metal toilet. They just threaten us with the block.

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