Immigration gave me a ticket

The day before yesterday Immigration gave me a ticket and I heard from the court. They’ve given me 28 days to appeal to the civil court. Before that finished – I still have 18 days and they’ve already given me a ticket. I said this is unfair, there is not time. I told the officer and the solicitor. And still no reply. Legally, under the law I have 28 days for appeal and I should be ready in 28 days. It’s up to me, because they’ve given me time. I’m thinking it’s not fair, it’s racism. It a conspiracy against all the detained people. I should be here for the time. There are many people here: there are thousands of people and there are thousads of problems. The main problem is a conspiracy from immigration. If you go according to the law, and you go along the process. They still always make trouble for you. They make it more negative than it should be. When I was interviewed they said do short answers only, they were not listening to me from the start. That makes problems for us because it’s not explained there. when they wrote the writing and he gives the copy to us, when we tried to read it and we can’t read it because of the handwriting. The person in the library in the detention centre said she couldn’t read it. She said this is the immigration language. But the immigration language should be for the humans, not for immigration only. They are always talking about that first interview that was very short and very unfair and I have tried to explain but no one is listening to me.

I was going to interview. There was another guy and they were deporting him. And they were forcing him because he didn’t want to go. He was handcuffed and they were forcing. The officer made us go the other way so I don’t know what happened.

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