they can not take care of people

The staff here in the centre, they can not take care of people. They give us rice and chicken several times every day. The food makes you ill. And it takes 2 months before you can get an appointment even with the health unit, even if you feel really ill. It is just ridiculous. And when you get to see a doctor, they do nothing. They just give you painkillers for everything, even if you had cancer. They do not treat you as people but like animals. A few days ago I was really ill. So my roomate called the ambulance. I was lying on the floor, almost dead. But the people who run the centre told the ambulance to leave again and told them I am ok. They did not help me at all. If anyone would see what is going on in the centre, they would see that they do not treat us as humans.

I have a charter flight tomorrow. Even though I have a partner in this country who is British but they just say that I am lying, even though my partner came to testify in court. They gave me a ticket to the charter flight, even though they should not give removal directions to anyone who has a pending application. I tried to send my letter to Croydon but the detention centre hid it and prevented it from going out to Croydon so they never received it. So then my partner printed it out and sent it to them and they finally received it but much too late. They hide all my post and I cannot send out any post. I just spoke to Croydon and they finally received my post and sent a letter to the home office to update my information. If I could receive and send post, I would be able to help my case but the
centre opens my post and hides it from me and they only give me some of the papers I should receive. The same happens to most of the people here. The centre does not waste any time to give people their post on time even though that is really important. I got my judicial review in, so hopefully I should not have to get on that charter flight and be removed, however I am not sure what is happening.

I have been in detention for one year. I never committed any crime I just overstayed my visa. My partner is also ill and she is suffering from severe physical and mental illnesses and I can not help her much while I am in here.
My partner came this week to see me because she knows about my removal orders and never knows if I will be removed or not.

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