Yesterday we went to another unit

Yesterday we went to another unit of to get sanitary towels from a woman officer. When we came back the male officer said “what is in your pocket” and he said he needed to search us and that we had stolen the sanitary towels and he was angry. But they are free so we didn’t understand why he was saying this. I went to my room, I was so stressed out. Why is it his business if we have period or not have period? If we need the sanitary towels we will have them. It’s not normal to have to show him. Where is our human rights?

We are stressed out about everything. This was a big deal – accusing us of stealing the sanitary towels in front of all the residents. We felt stressed and we self harmed – it was embarrassing. They said they would put us in Kingfisher which is the block. Another said “where is your dog friend?” – maybe because she is small, I don’t know. In front of everyone they said we had to put the sanitary towels back. Because we were upset, he said never come to me if you need help. He took my cross from my room and won’t give it back. They say that I can harm with the cross. In my religion I am orthodox so I don’t like when people touch the cross, it gives negative energy.


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