Inside Yarl’s Wood

Healthcare inside Yarl’s Wood is non-existent. When I was detained I lost my periods for four months. When I went to health care they said it was due to stress and that I should not worry‼ I’m very angry that we’re treated like prisoners -even when we are very sick.

When we try to complain the guards often claim it’s too late and close the office. We were given out of date yogurt – a month past its expiry date. So we complained but they said “you’re prisoners and that is all the government is ready to give you”.

There is a 58 year old blind woman who has been in here four months. The guards have threatened won’t let us help her. They say “stop helping – if she wasn’t able to help herself the Home Office would not have sent her here.” Recently one of the disgusting guards taunted this woman by offering her a glass of water and moving it around and out of her reach. Her new roommate stood up and cussed him out telling him not do that ever again. Ever since this incident she has been taking care of her blind roommate. But now she’s been given a ticket for 31 March. We believe it is a punishment because she is the only one helping this woman. We respect and help older women no matter what the guards say or how brutal they want to be.

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