I’ve been in this country since 1987

I’ve been in this country since 1987 and all my family are in this country. And the way the Home Office are treating me is ridiculous. I’ve been here for 24 months which is a long time . The food they are giving us is ridiculous its not edible it tastes like water always plain rice and potatoes and the portions are so small. I came to the UK with indefinite leave – I went to prison for three months never more than 6 month and then. They can’t move me because I have family ties here I won a JR because they made a mistake.. My circumstances haven’t changed since 12 and why are they going to change now? I don’t have any ties in Bangladesh.  I only speak English, my first language is English.

The conditions are terrible: there are rats, I had to move to another wing because of the bed bugs in the middle of the night. Every single cell has bed bugs. They say they’re clearing them but there’s no change. It looks nice from outside, from the front, but it’s a cage, a dog kennel in here.

I was supportive of the protests, because there are human rights aren’t here. But I was in a different wing.

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