6 month I have been in here

The Problem is, 6 month I have been in here. It’s too long. I have been in this country for 10 years, working. I’m from Poland. My crime was a petty crime. That is not a reason to deport me. I’m not a terrorist. I just want to say, I have an alcohol problem, but this is not a reason to deport me to my home country, especially because there are people here that can help me with my rehab. I am seven month clean now without alcohol. I can also work at this organisation after my rehab.

The home office doesn’t understand this. The home office is not speaking to us, it doesn’t let us speak to them. They just send you back. They don’t listen. Nobody listens to us. Nobody knows what’s going on inside the detention centres. Some people are even self-harming. We are no criminals!

We have lived here for so long, worked in this country, paid taxes in this country, some people have family and kids that were born here. And now they just want to send us back!

I want to be released! Rehab is waiting for me outside and I can work afterwards for their organisation. I only did a petty crime, that is no reason to deport me.

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