We solicit a reasonable answer for this shameful situation.

Harmondsworth IRC ,
Colnbrook Bypass,
UB7 0HB.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We the Detainees here at Harmondsworth would clearly like to discuss the matter of the Unreasonable time of detention to enable us to comprehend the current situation because we are suffering from long process of the Home office in dealing our cases. The Home Office had not given any explanation to this unfavourable point which has played a huge negative role in both physical and Mental health state of we the Detainees.
The detention is not qualified to answer our needs and more over this detention centre is not suitable for detainees. Its very similar to a prison instead of calling it a detention centre.
The Slogan of this peaceful protest (The persecution is less than the mental abuse that influences completely the health state of each detainee here, however everyone believes we could continually overcome the situation by our peaceful protest and address the message to everybody responsible about this unfavourable position)
We solicit a reasonable answer for this shameful situation.


The following are various areas of contention that we believe the centre management and Home Office are not taking into consideration while we detainees are being held in this place.
1. We notice with keen interest that, since January, 2015 just a hand full of detainees have been released from this detention.
2. Since this same period, all Asylum cases has been refused
3. The process of certifying Asylum cases is grossly unfair and unjust. We want to know the criteria for certifying this Asylum cases.
4. Report gathered from reliable sources has it that, the Home Office staff are paid a bonus based on the number of cases treated which exposes our cases to unjust manipulations.
5. The fast track system is so unfair that our cases are not properly been looked into. The incompetence of the caseworkers keep destroying our credibility of our situations.
6. Caseworkers lie about our individual cases and find us to be suitable for deportation, which ultimately guaranties them a bonus.
7. The use of chartered flight to some countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries are so absurd and we strong request that we detainees should be given choices.
8. It is very shameful and unfair for people who have lived in this country for over 10years who have established a family life here in the United Kingdom are not allowed to take personal stuffs with them upon return back to their native countries.
9. We have informations that Home Office group of workers use proxies and gratifications to arrange High Commission Interviews for detainees which is a high criminal offence.
10. There should be a limit to how a detainee is being held. The current practice or undermined length is gross open to abuse and enactment of modern day slavery.
11. In most cases, our bank cards are being held by the Home Office. We are allowed to work for hours here at the centre and we are being paid one (1) pound per hour which is also a modern day slavery.
12. Due to the fact that our bank cards are being held by the Home Office, most essential shopping sites are blocked from the centre in order for those of who know our cards details to use our cards online.
13. The only way we detainees can entertain our selves are based on social media and entertainment sites such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube and other essential and well known media. But all this are restricted , blocked and that alone is affecting us mentally and physically as well.

14. Its very difficult to get in touch with our family members as well as our loved ones and friends.

15. The relationship between Officers and detainees are that of a slave and his master. Addressing detainees in more inhuman and undignified manner.
16. This is an immigration centre and Not a prison. We are Not CRIMINALS and we need to be treated as human beings not Animals.
17. The lock-up of twelve (12) hours per day is not dignify for immigration detainees whereby in some prisons in this country, criminals are not being locked up in such manner.
18. Most of we detainees have got serious health issues and nothing is being done concerning our release which is very contrary to the immigration, detention and Human Rights Acts.
19. It takes ages for a detainees to get a doctors appointment and when you get the appointment, you are not treated well and if you don’t take care, your appointment will be cancelled before the day.
20. There are only three types of food in this detention centre.
(I) porridge for breakfast.
(II) Fish and chips for lunch
(III) plain rice and white chicken with NO SAUCE for dinner.
This has been the only meal here in the detention centre. If you don’t want to eat then you need to provide your own meal.

21. Some of us came into this detention safe and sound but due to depression and the incompetence of the Home Office as well as the detention officers, this has put us in a devastating mood, situation and life threatening cases.
22. Most of us went to seek for asylum by our selves and we are being detained for half a year and over whiles the secretary of state representatives go home and have a nice time with their families.
23. The refusal on everyone’s documents are the same. Meaning it was copied and pasted. Just that they change names, country or origin and other personal details.
24. The health care system here is very poor as well. you go to the healthcare regardless of your sickness and you will be offered PARACETAMOL. whether you get injured or what so ever, you will be offered paracetamol. the only time you are properly checked is when you have a flight and you will be checked to see if you are fit to fly.
25. Lots of we the detainees have got valid applications pending. Applications such as Judicial Review, Discretionary leave to remain, and many other forms or leave to remain in this country that will probably take moths to process and yet still we are not released on bail or temporary admission.
26. There are more than 600 detainees here at Harmondsworth and on the C and D wing has the most population of detainees almost 350 detainees and we have just twelve (12) computers here. This computers are restricted.


27. This is now becoming alarming and we detainees are tires of being treated like animals.
28. The most important issue at hand now is that we want the Home Office and IRC Harmondsworth to look into the above points and put a stop to the inhuman treatment and psychology torture. We need our freedom.


Life inside the Harmondsworth Detention centre is like that of a bear. Yes BEAR!!! Just like that of a teddy bear that most kids throw anywhere in the house. You can put your bear on your bed or anywhere and indefinitely, just like we detainees are being treated here in the United Kingdom forgetting us inside the detention centres. Such as if you go for years without looking back the bear will still be there waiting for you. That is the kind of life the Home Office has put we detainees in now.

The modern day slavery I should say. Even animals have ventilations thought all their cages but why are we humans being treated like less human beings. No ventilations in the rooms and we are being paired in rooms with people from different cultures, background and more over we all inhale one breath. Why are offenders in prisons enjoying fresh air and we immigration detainees are been treated like animals. Prisoners have more liberty than we detainees do have. This is simply discrimination of race, ethnics and colours. This British in prisons know they have family and kids here to take proper care of them otherwise the government will face the wrath and problem of the public. Unlike we the immigrants in detention centres. We can be treated anyhow without anyone querying the Almighty Great Britain of her inhuman treatment, psychological and mental torture. Great Britain that proclaimed to be human right champion that could not even uphold the simple human right acts associated with asylum seekers or immigrants in the United Kingdom.

The health institutes all over the world states (most especially in the UK) that we should be careful of what we consume everyday. But the home office does not care about what the management of the detention centre feeds the detainees everyday. PORRIDGE in the Morning, FRIES in the Afternoon and RICE in the Evening. Where is the balanced diet here? This is very absurd and this matters at hand really need to be looked into.

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