I suffered in this prison,

I suffered in this prison, because firstly I am a Vegan the is no for me fruits and vegetables proper Vegan meals, just brown beans with curry every day the same! Secondly I am detained here too long, over two month!
Home office refused my baeil my temporary admission, they did not care they broke Article 8 against me and me girlfriend! No one answers on my mails complaining about food, and conditions, managers say that in 14 years they have not seen fruit here, and I will not get them also, and organic Vegan food is to expensive to the company! also they say it is my life style to be a Vegan ! So nothing could be done for me! it is Awful! Home Office did not allowed “Channel_4 or BBS” to get in the prison couple days ago, and saying they are the best Welfare in the EU! this is ridiculous, people are suffering in here for nothing, to be in the prison for asking asylum and to be treated like dog in this bloody place its Awful! Me medical record is confirming the I am ill here, they are destroyed my health, I feel terrible, since I send letter to Home Office, complain about it, after two days they by me a ticket!
Tomorrow is the date to depart. However I patiently fighting for my rights for a human justice and has sent the form to Judicial Review!
I demand bring to justice those responsible those who are guilty of violence Human rights! lawbreakers against Article 3 Human rights, (no torture) Article 8 (family life)…and more you can pull out from me case, complaining letters!
Justice should be for everyone in everywhere!

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