We need our freedom

We need our freedom, everyone’s been detained and it’s unfair. If someone seeks asylum it’s unfair to detain them for months. We need freedom to get information and evidence for our claim. I’m talking to you – I am sick. For the past five years, I have need a doctor but I haven’t seen one in here. Most people are very weak because they are not eating, there is bad food and the conditions are no good and people have been in here for a long time. We are always in the inside.

We need all the media, the newspaper, the courts, everyone outside. Do something for us. We are trying our best. We need your help.

It’s not violent. Everybody’s on hunger strike. No one eating. Nothing is moving. The media came here yesterday for channel four and we told them the Home office have messed up our cases. Some people are not going to see immigration.

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