I am a detainee at the Harmondsworth Detention Centre

I am a detainee at the Harmondsworth  Detention Centre. I have been here at this detention centre for more than five (5) months and am here to complain not just for my self but on behalf of all the detainees here. we are mentally tortured here at the detention. some of us came in here safe and sound but due to depression and the incompetence of the Home Office as well as the detention officers have put us in a devastating mood, situation and life threatening cases. The fast track system of the home office is very poor to the highest level. the immigration is just using this system to make money for them selves behind LAW. they rush through our cases and make useless and unnecessary mistakes that goes against us. we are not criminals nor Animals. most of us went to seek for asylum by our selves and we are being detained for half a year and over whiles the secretary of state representatives go home and have a nice time with their families. we are locked up in rooms like ANIMALS. officers in the detention being rude to us as if we are no body or animals. The refusal on everyone’s documents are the same. Meaning it was copied and pasted. Just that they change names, country or origin and other personal details.
The health care system here is very poor as well. you go to the healthcare regardless of your sickness and you will be offered PARACETAMOL. whether you get injured or what so ever, you will be offered paracetamol. the only time you are properly checked is when you have a flight and you will be checked to see if you are fit to fly. when your sickness gets worse, that’s when you are transferred to Hillindon Hospital in North London. even on your way to the hospital, our hands are being cuffed. in my situation, I was even handcuffed to the bed at the hillindon Hospital.
most of we the detainees have got valid applications pending. Applications such as Judicial Review, Discretionary leave to remain, and many other forms or leave to remain in this country that will probably take moths to process and yet still we are not released on bail or temporary admission. We are locked up like dogs. Even animals in this country have their rights. Detention is not suppose to be like a prison. But we are treated worse like or more than prisoners. Where is in humanity in This country, where is the Human right in this country. We go for bail and Immigration judges will refuse us because our sorties did not deposit huge amount of money. Is the immigration working with money or are working by law?

The detention centre here at Harmondsworth has the worst facilities here in England. I have been to four (4) different detention centres here in the UK and Harmondsworth is the worse. I prefer to sleep on the streets than rather being in this useless place, this death trap they call a detention centre. The managers have kept their kids out there and they are enjoying life and we are being treated as SLAVES here. I think slavery is still in existence. Just that this is a modern style of slavery. There are more than 600 detainees here at harmondsworth and on the C and D wing has the most population of detainees almost 350 detainees and we have just twelve (12) computers here. This computers are restricted.

No social media can be assessed. No entertainment sites can be assessed. Only email address. And when you get evidences and documents from your email they refuse to print them out for you. So how does home office want us to get evidences or documents to support our claims and cases. This is very bad. This huge building and we have just 3 washing machine and one dryer working for over 350 detainees. How can this be possible. We have to be cuing in the cold just to get a meal. All the bathrooms are overflowing. Our rooms are cold at night. We sleep in this cold, get sick and when we go the the healthcare, we are being maltreated and given paracetamol. Nurses treat us here as animals. Shout at us and mishandle and maltreat us.

The Home office is very incompetent. They lie on our cases. If anyone is to lie, it shouldn’t be the Home office. Everything states on our monthly reports are just speculations and lies just to destroy or credibility and genuineness in this countries. They are crafty liars. We have detainees here who have studied law, management, medical and a whole lot. We have a future and we are detained here to ruin our FUTURE. This is pure evilness.

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