All the guys of A wing are on hunger strike. These guys will not eat anything until they release us. Some people are very sick in the wing but don’t get any appointment from doctor and don’t get treated fairly or provided any kind of proper medication one guy is having migrains and is on medication and he was asking for his medication for 8 days and after 8 days he got his medication of only one day so again he have to ask them for a month to get one day medication and one guy tried to do suicide for three times once he jumped down from first floor but he saved then again he tried to cut himself but saved last time he drink soap but saved and now he is saying he will hang him self till death but officers and health care don’t care about any of us.

All of us are on fast track so that means they just take our interview one day and next day they refuse they don’t listen and keep us like this. If you see immigration law by that they can’t keep any one in detention more than 21 days but here most of the guys are more than 2 months some of them r more than 2 years and majority of guys cases are refused and they don’t know whats going on they are just waiting when they will go out from here now we are getting mentally sick, depression and lot more sicknesses. We don’t know what kind of crime we have done that home office is treating us less than animals if you see in this country animals also have rights and we are humans not animals so please kindly treat us like humans and give us human rights to live like humans. Thank you am also detained in the detention centre. If you need any kind of info in here I will provide you.