I’m in pain, and I don’t like anything about my situation. I came to this country for study. I want to say something – I don’t like this thing. My family members are all involved in politics in my country – if I go back, how will I show my face now I’ve been in jail. I came to this country on study visa. When I came I had 3 years visa. After 1.5 years my college was suspended – I had paid my college fees £7000. I had planned to apply to university. Everything was fine. I was staying with my uncles and brothers who helped me. I was involved in the local community and had good relationship with everyone in the community. HO didn’t give any notice to me – I didn’t apply for anything because I feared they would just arrest me. I applied for other colleges but I had already paid for my college fees so couldn’t pay for more.

I was taken in and have been here for 4 months. Locked in a cell from 8.30 pm to 8.30am. No windows. I have mental health problems for which I take medication every day. From my nose there is blood coming. The doctor doesn’t give proper medication. It’s not my fault that the college was suspended – I studied computer software and hardware repair. Refused temporary admission, and bail. My asylum claim was refused 1 day after the interview and then gave 2 days to appeal. The solicitor have more than one client – they can’t work on your case in that time. I had paid my solicitor £4000. Every time it was refused. For every stage gave the solicitor £700. Again and again. I run out of money. I get a legal aid solicitor – they refused to work on review. They don’t give cameras because the food is bad – yesterday they gave us expired bread. The hatton cross asylum court is not independent – it is made with home office. It is a playing a game, like the detention centre. It’s just there to show that there is human rights. It’s just business.

How do I go back to my family – I came here for international study but now I’ve been in jail – they all know, they think I’m smuggler or criminal. I’ve spoken to every group – but I’m sick. They say there is a limit of 28 but I’ve been here 4 months